Shipping agents in Lisbon?

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We are moving to Madeira next year and would like to import our car. We have a left-hand drive car which we were hoping to bring across on the ferry from Lisbon; we now understand this now been discontinued, any ideas? We thought we might get a ferry to Santander or Bilbao and then drive to Lisbon and possibly put it on a container to Madeira. Can anybody recommend a shipping agent in Lisbon, does this sound like a feasible idea? Would be very grateful for your input.

Many thanks


  • The ferry was from Portimao not Lisbon. Importing a car is not that easy, you have to complete much paperwork and the process can take may months, plus the legalrequirements once at Madeira. It is likely you will get transport to Caniçal but after that I do not know.
    This site may help

    Google ' importing a car to Madeira' and you will get lots of sites with advise.
  • Importing a car is a nightmare. As arumlilyplant says, there are lots of sites that will advise you.
  • Many thanks to you both. Having checked with an agent in Lisbon and adding up all the relative costs I think you might be right. Will have to have a re-think, perhaps the ferry will be running to Madeira next year- wishful thinking, but then there still seems to be the hassle involved in registering it in Madeira. Seems the ferry is now running from Huelva in Spain, but just to the Canaries, doesn't look like they want to do business with Portugal!

    Many thanks for your help
  • It's not a question of the ferry not wanting to do business in Portugal - it is the extortinate charges for mooring in Funchal, which the Government refused to negotiate to enable the ferry to continue. We have lost a source of importing much needed goods and many holiday makers coming to Madeira.
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