Cosmetic surgery on madeira?

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Is there anyone offering cosmetic surgery on Madeira?


  • Good question. I do not know of anybody. What I do know is of many that have undergone cosmetic surgery. All of them did it outside of Madeira though.
  • So it would be Lisbon then? Do you have any link to a clinic with prices etc perhaps?
  • Yes, Lisbon it would be I'd guess. BUT, the people I know who did it went to places like Spain (Barcelona), Venezuela, South Africa and the cheapest (back then) in Thailand. And Prices? well, you would agree that that is something best to ask the clinic direct. I mean what sort of plastic surgery do you require? Would it require anasthetic, and so on. All these are factors, and more, in pricing.
  • Yea, I know that's why I wondered if you knew a website for clinic that list prices. It's just a small operation.
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