Looking for my Teixeira family in Madeira

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Hi. I am looking for my father's family. My father's name was/or is Antonio Teixeira and he was known as TEX. He grew up in Madeira but moved to Cape Town South Africa before i was born. There he dated a South African lady and had a son named STEVEN. He met my mom, DAPHNE GRANT (nee MILNE) in 1970 and i was born in Durban, South Africa in July 1971. He left for England shortly there after and i know he fathered a son named WAYNE from a British lady.
He owned two pubs. One named WAYNES PLACE, and the other TEX'S BAR at 134 Stockwell Road, London SW9. His telephone number was 071 733 8377 or 081 671 4420.
I havent seen or heard from him since i was 19 years old and i would love to know if he is alive and where my 2 brothers are. At that time he was dating a British lady named Carol.
I know my father came from a typically big Portuguese family and that most of his family stayed in Maderia although one uncle lived in Mozambique. I dont know his date of birth.
I know this is a long shot but if any one has a clue about my family i would be most greatful.
regards Michelle Thomas


  • Michelle I don't know if you will get this message but!! I was a close friend of your mom. We both lived in Woodlands, went to the same school then got back in touch when she got divorced and we both had moved to Cape Town. Lived with 3 other girls in a flat in Gardens. I also knew your dad Tex from that time. Would love to make contact with you to find out what happened to your mom in New York. Hope you found your dad!! Yvonne (Parkinson) now Symons.
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