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Hi everyone,
My name is Kris. I consider to move in Madeira, but I don't know from where to search a job. I am graduated in Business management and I would like to find a job in this sector.

Could someone help me, giving me some directions?

Thank you!


  • There is a shortage of jobs in Madeira and many locals are out of work. If you speak fluent Portugese you may just find work but jobs will always (rightly so ) be offered first to local workers. Madeira has serious financial problems and shortage of money, many businesses are going out of business, so you may have real difficulty.
  • Do you speak Portuguese? It will help. In the past you could have got some work with several of the offshore companies regsitered in the Madeira International Business Centre. But with the new tax rates it looks like many are pulling out of Madeira.

    Contact Cheetah Management and ask them if they know of anything:
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