A good dermatologist in funchal?

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Anyone who can recommend me a good, english speaking dermatologist in funchal?

Thanks in advance!


  • There is a good one in the same building that houses the "Dišrio de Notícias" newspaper in Rua Fernão Ornelas. Unfortunately, can't remember the name of the dermatologist. You just need to enter the foyer of the building and there will be a display of offices in the building there. Next to the BPI bank.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    ""Dišrio de Notícias" newspaper in Rua Fernão Ornelas". Where is this? What area?

    Do you have an address or a number? Would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi verbatim,

    It's in Rua Fernao de Ornelas, 56.

    Rua Fernao de Ornelas is the one that's staight ahead of you, as you come out through the Market's main entrance.
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