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I am beginning to do research on my family origins. Does anyone have any information on the last name ALVES from Guyana. In the Mahaica area?????


  • I've just been on the phone to my grandmother who was born in Georgetown Guyana
    her name is Isabella Gomes, her mother was leocardia Desouza and father Alfred Desouza, he had 6 brothers
    Carlos, Gabriel, Martin, Cyril, reggie and Albert..
    they had cousins with the alves name
    Vasil alves
    Stephen Alves
    Patrick Alves

    that's all I know, my name is Stephen Gomes I was born in London also trying to
    trace family with the alves, Desouza, Gomes and Trim surnames.
  • to add to what I said.. Alfred and leocardia Desouza were from Madeira, Portugal so I'm trying to
    trace the Portuguese side too
  • My mother was Isabella Faria Nee Desouza Coelho. My Grandmother was Mary Isabella Alves b.1876 d. 1908. My Grandfather was Alfred DeSouza Coelho. My mother brother and step brothers were Carlos, Gabriel, Martin, Cyril, reggie and Albert. I'm looking for information
    on my Grandmothers parents. Hope to hear from you . A Faria
  • I forget one thing if your grandmother Isabella Gomes was born in 1937 she would be my first cousin. I Have more on the family !
  • Are these Alves you mentioned living in Guyana
  • They were, most are no longer living. I live in Michigan USA! I'm 76 years old.
  • Stephen Gomes:
    Please ! reply if you are still out there.,
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