Help me find my family in Maderia

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My name is Henry Luiz. I immigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1998 from South Africa. My grandfather Henrique Luiz was born in 2 Feb 1886 Maderia, Funchal. I have managed to find his birthcertificate from the Soa Goncalo Parish in Funchal. His parents were Jose Luis Alexandre and Marie Viginia.

Henrique had a number of tearooms (cafe) in Durban, selling food and household necessities.

Marie Fernandes immigrated to South Africa 22 August 1920. Marie Fernandes married my grandafther (Henrique Luiz) in Johannesburg, South Africa 20 April 1921. I have Marie birthcertifcate and she was born 10 September 1900 in Maderia, in Funchal city, as registered by the Soa Goncalo parish. They had 11 children Virgina, Gonzel, Estelle, Sidoneo, Henrrique, George, Maria Juliet Luiz, Hilda, Emanuel, Albert Florence, Ferdenado (Chico), all with the surname of luiz and all born in South Africa.

My father Emanuel De Somento Luiz still lives in South Africa. He has told me as much as he can.

Please help me find my relatives in Maderia and if my grandfather and grandmaotker had any brotehrs or sisters.
Appreciate. My family web site is at
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