Spring Onions

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Anybody know where we can get spring onions? They are called "cebolinhas novas" in Portuguese (I think).


  • often the Frutus and Legumas shop behind Forum Madeira have them but they are seasonal. (not far from CR7 shop)
  • Also Banamadeira in Garajau has them most the time.
  • When was the last time you saw spring onions there? When I spoke to them they looked at me as if I had just arrived from mars and that that vegetable should certainly only be found in outer space.
  • If you asked for "cebolinhas novas" no doubt they looked at you in a strange way. As far as I know they are called "cebolinho".
  • Hi Limbo,
    Locals in madeira dont inc spring onions on their diet. Normally people only get baby onions at spring to grow on their fields around canico.
    Sorry im in uk. so this explain why u have probleam on getting them.
    good luck.
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