Juwish cemetery in Funchal

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The local goverment in Madeira are asking for help in renovating the Jewish Cemetery in Old town in Funchal.
At present moment the Cemetery in in bad way, needs a lot of funds, and are lots of jewish people buried there here are a copy that was pub in Diario de noticias da Madeira. The local goverment ask for help to Israel goverment withno reply.
To me is a grate chame to let o place like that to be left so sad.
The people buried there reserve all the respect possible.
Also in Funchal is the remains of the Jewish Cinanogue? Church for sale at the moment. I do belive that juws from around the world must try to safe places like this.

Cemitério judaico à espera da embaixada de Israel
A Câmara do Funchal quer encontrar uma solução para um espaço que hš longos anos estš votado ao abandono, onde predomina o mato e o vandalismo. Algumas sepulturas até jš caíram ao calhau, na sequência do desabamento de parte da falésia

Thank you for reading this and give us same feed how to safe this monuments for future generations.
J. correia


  • Hi Joao,

    what do you think we in the forum can do?

    you know the place - it is not save to be prepared and opened for public vists.
    Every great storm can destroy parts of the cliff.

    Anton in Funchal
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