Cat named CHRISIE that loves people desperately searching for an owner

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Hello to all cat loving people,

we are urgently searching for help/advice regarding a kitty (male) that we wanted to save on Madeira. We found the cat in front of the Pestana Grand hotel, who was meowing at us and then cuddling with us but seemed quite skinny and hungry. We called SPAD to ask them how to adopt the kitty but unfortunately there was a vaccination that requires 21 days of quarantine and since we were flying back the next day, we were not able to take the cat with us. So we asked them later how else can we help the cat and they said "Well you can bring him/her to the shelter for adoption". So that´s what we did on 19.12.2012 and we also donated money to the shelter. Later on at the end of the day we had doubts about it after searching more info on the internet (non castrating of male cats there, or terrifying information abut having to put some animals down if there is not enough space ?!? Maybe they are keeping the cat in cages?). Therefore we want to help the cat to find an owner and help to get out him out of the shelter as soon as possible.

PLEASE, HELP US TO FIND THIS AMAZING CAT AN OWNER. It breaks our hearts to leave him there.

We will be very happy for any advice or sharing of this information. The cat is a young male, very sweet and cute. He is awaiting you in the animal shelter called SPAD, address is rua de Matadouro 10, FUNCHAL.

He is registered under name CHRISSIE. We are also attaching photos of the kitty.

Thank you so much in advance....

Chris and Domi


  • Please check out video of CHRISSIE - cat for adoption - on YouTube to have an idea about how sweet he is...

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