Looking for my grandfathers sons - Jardim

Hi all,

I am looking for my grandfather, Antonio Adriao Jardim's, sons and more information on my grandfather.
The one is a catholic priest and according to information he is in Madagascar - His names are: Manual Antonio De Gomes Rodrigues Jardim and the other son is Todorico Jardim (not sure if he has other names)
My grandfather was born in 1904 and died in 1984.
First attachment - Antonio Adriao Jardim is my grandad.
2nd attachement - is grandad with his son (top) my father.
3rd photo is my grandad's son Manual - the priest
4th photo was at my grandfathers funeral. His son is the priest with his hand in front of his mouth
5th photo is the other son - Toderico.

These photos are very old buy maby someone somewhere might help me.

Lourika Nel
South Africa
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