Looking for a lost friend

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Do anyone know anything about a modelgirl named Rita. I dont evn know her last name, only Rita. She does not live in Madeira, she lives somewhere in Portugal I quess maybe Lisboa. She is very beautiful (well photomodels allways are, but she is different from all the others somehow) she has coloured blonde hair and I think that she is visiting Madeira quite often because so many people know her. where ever she goes she brings happiness with her, she is funny but she is much more. She is an old soul in most beutiful young body. I met her and we talkede about things I have never talked with anyone else, because she can see through you if she likes. But then she had to go and too late I realized that I know nothing about her and maybe I´ll never will meet her again. If someone could help me I´ll be so gratefull. Hope that I can help the one who helps me somehow someday.Thank you very, very much!Well, I hope that noone makes wrong conclusions about that because I´m a woman, I still love men, but I have to find this special lady, because I want to (Ihave to)talk with her again.Merja


  • has any one seen augusto cortezao, he's my grandfather and i've never met him please let me know where he is .
  • Ancestors left Madeira in 1700s. Don't know why, just looking back.

  • Hi,

    do you have a birth date or any more information on him, like where you think he might be?
    because I know a Augusto Cortezao just want to see if it is him your looking for!
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