Up-To-Date contacts and opportunities (Jan 2016)

Hi all

Happy to receive contact from anyone privately selling 3+bed detached houses in the region of 175,000 Euro.

Please send one external image and basic details and location to the following e-mail address with your contact details:


Obviously, any canvasing will be ignored.

This is a genuine inquiry, we are looking to emigrate to your beautiful island after falling in love with the island and the people

If anyone has a business linked to a property, this will also be considered, send me more details and i will have a serious look at it.

Regards, Glen.


  • If you had contacted me about 4 weeks ago you could've bought a nice 3 bed detached home worth €240K for €100. What a pity. The chap selling it was in desperate waters after a divorce settlement.
    Why don't you Über your services? www.uber.com

    As far as I know there aren't any Uber drivers in Madeira yet.
  • Hi Limbo

    thank you for a prompt response and a very practical idea, i will make contact and see if this is something that they may consider.

    Regarding the property, what a shame! if anything else comes to mind, please make further contact

    best regards,

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