Property Tax

I own a little property that I inherited I did live in Madeira 10 years ago. I am wondering does anyone know how I can pay my taxes every year by using my Portugese bank account do I fill in a form from the Ministerio sas Finance I would like a debit to go off my account as to what I owe for the year on my property tax.. I can not read or write in Portugesse and I can not fly to Madeira every year I also can not check on what I owe on my property on line because they send you a password by post and the postal address they have is not operational ..please if anyone can help me or point me in the write direction it would be much appreciated.


  • If you have a Portuguese bank account and can pay online there is a function there called "Pagamentos ao Estado" (usually). Then you just pay the amount due (which may vary - so a standing debit order may not work) using your credentials.... Have you tried that? Yes?
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