Inherited land in Madeira but not sure how to claim

I wonder if anyone can assist - my grandparents left my mom and aunt 2/3 of a large piece of land in Madeira. The remaining 1/3 belongs to around 6 people which we are struggling to get hold off. There is a house on the land which is slowly falling apart and would most likley need to be demolished as it is not safe to live in. From what I know there are possibly people living on a small section of the land who are reluctant to agree to any sale - these houses also appear to be in very poor conditions.

If there are people living on the land that they at most only own 1/3 of, then is there potential to sell off another portion the vacant land if the documentation proves that it belongs to my mom and aunt? I was wondering whether anyone had the contact details of a solicitor who can assist in these matters? Any help would really be appreciated.
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