Students looking for an employment in Madeira

We are two girls 21 years old from the Czech Republic, university students, planning to work in Madeira this summer.

I am studying at Universidade do Porto since September till June. My level of Portuguese is more or less A2, I understand everything quite well, speaking part not so good. My friend does not speak Portuguese at all. We are both fluent in English and are skilled at working as waitresses, since we have been working in a hotel in Balearic Islands summer 2015 and as bar attendants in an aquapark in Malta the last summer.

Do you think we have some chances finding a good full-time job for summer in hotels or so? We would not mind any job, including cleaning the hotel rooms, bar attendants, waitresses or so. If we do, could you give me some advices about where I should start looking for a job and a flat to stay?

Thanks a lot!
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