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does anyone know if its poss. to get sky installed in madeira?


  • From my own research across various boards this past week or two, it seems that it is possible to get Sky in Madeira (art least the 2B astra channels)........assuming you have a large enough dish.

    I've read some people suggest at least a 1.8m dish.....some say 2.4 up to 3 metres. One may need planning permission for the bigger dishes.

    There is no 'local card' to be had for Sky down in Madeira. It's a UK (and ROI) only service, thus you need to take your card with you. But don't ever tell Sky, or it will be turned off. I've also heard that it is well worth acquiring an FTV (free to view) card for £20 before you leave the UK. Thus you will be able to pick up all the free to air channels, (eg all the BBC channels) regardless of your sky subscription.

    Now as for the actual physical installation, I'll be keen to find out about local dealers in Madeira too. I am apprehensive though re prices. Loads of things were dead cheap in Madeira and Porto Santo when I was there last year. But the electrical shops charged an arm and a leg for electrical stuff. Scary prices.

    PS - given the thread in here recently about folks bringing down electrical devices from the UK which botched their home's electrical system in Madeira, I wonder if our sky digibox would work okay in Madeira?
  • don't know if this helps, i'm was in madeira last summer went into a bar in machico and they had bloody eastenders on!! they also seemed to have acces to most sky channels via cable (no dish)!
  • Only via cable.
    All best
  • You can get Uk channels via cable alot cheaper and by monthly payments
  • All you need to pick up sky or free view channels in Madeira is a1.8 m dish good lnb and a sat receiver,a larger dish can help when losing signal in the rain,but i would only go up to 2.4 any bigger is over kill.Of course free view channels are all free ie all bbc,channel 4, 5, sky 3,itv channels etc etc
  • You do need a large dish, we had ours installed by ElectroCanico, they speak English and very efficient. The shop is down from the Shopping Centre on the same side, before you get to the large pharmacy. They even have transformers - I bought some Christmas Lights in the US - hence I needed one!
  • To receive SKY in Madeira, you must have your SKY card registered in the UK as it is not legal for them to knowingly broadcast the signal outside of the UK. You bring over the card and box but need a minimum 1.8m dish (bigger is better) to receive the signal as we are just off the cuff of the Astra 2d footprint. Even if you do not opt for SKY you can receive Freesat with a 1.8m dish and digibox which will give you all the BBC's, ITV's, C4, Film4, Five, E4, More 4 and others - plenty of viewing!
    Of course, signal strength can depend on what part of the island you live on and where abouts you are located (mountains or houses in the way of your dish) will mean that some places can't have UK TV. For a satalite installaton I can recommend Install Madeira and they are located in Calheta, Tel: 917900339 and they speak English.
  • If you are located in an area that can't receive satalite signals (hills, buildings etc in the way) try a sling catcher with a sling box. This is particularly good if you have a TV elswhere in the world that receives a good signal or if you want to watch BBC etc live via iplayer on your telly rather than on your computer. Try Googling sling catcher.

  • Malcolm, would it be better to connect a sling catcher to the sling box, or to use a computer with a better graphics card connected to a TV?
  • ElectroCanico are by far the better company,two friends have just had top equality installations done with 1.8 metre dishes and for about 870 euros for the whole package.
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