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I am a Madeiran national who is currently in England; I have studied both in Madeira and in England and am a Law Graduate. I speak fluent Portuguese and English and am at present thinking of moving back to Madeira, however I would like to firstly check the employment opportunities available to me. I am looking to work in the area of Law, translation, for the Government, or in any other similar area where I can use all my qualifications and skills. Is there anyone who could possibly help me by giving me advice and pointing me in the right direction?

I would be greatly appreciated.


  • Why is everyone moving to Madeira! We all know its beautiful and its great for tourists to visit with stronger foreign currency. For decades! people have left the island in search of better lives elsewhere with much success. I find it ironic that many people on this message board want to move back and find a good job to support themselves. Granted, if you are a hardworker and persistant, you can find a job or start your own business.

    Tania, it sounds like you are an educated woman and if your qualifications are as good as you say they are, you can contact a number or foreign embassy's such as US or UK and offer your services to them or start your own agency in Funchal.

    Madeira is a great place to visit but it doesn't have the infrastructure like the US or other parts of Europe to allow abundant opportunity for a good life style.


    I wish you all the luck if that is what you choose to do.
  • Hi

    I wish to set up my Solar PV and Solar Thermal business on the Island.

    We currently have a company in the UK that dose this and wish to find a more pleasant environment to run my business from.
    Our supplier here in the Uk could ship at very low cost to us.

    I am interested in expansion to Spain and other parts of mainland Portugal and this could be a good opportunity for locals as we would be looking at employing fitters and qualified electricians in this field.

    Is there anyone able to offer any help or advice on how to get me started please.

    My knowlege of Madeira is very good as we have made many visits there. A couply for business but mainly pleasure.

    Although I speak no Portugese (yet) as I am willing to learn and I know there are plenty of good English speaking Portugese on Madeira I feel this is not a great hurdle to overcome.
  • Even though there are many English speaking in Madeira, you will need to be fluent in Portugese. To set up a business can be a long expensive process. You cannot just turn up in Madeira and start, you have to be licenced by the Government and pay a bond. Not speaking Portugese will be a hurdle, especially when dealing with local workers and suppliers. You will also need to employ a lawyer and accountant. Portugese process can be longwinded and there is no guarantee of success. I believe there is a 'fast track' licencing process but I think it is limited. I wish you luck, but again, not wishing to 'rain on your parade' Madeira is seriously broke at the moment and businesses are closing at a rate of 2 a day (according to the press). I have lived here for many years (from UK) and whilst it is a beautiful Island and a great place to live, getting to know the Island as a tourist and living here are two very differant sides to a coin (as with relocating anywhere) Think very seriously and do lots of research first.
  • Hi Arumlilyplant,

    Thank you for your wise comments and candid views on business in Madeira.

    We have done a lot of reserch and have a friend who owns a property agency in Funchal who also gave us some advice.

    It is sad to learn that the economy is fairing worse than the UK and we know, having been through two previouse recessions how hard it is now.

    We install a lot of solar products here and thats with no sunshine.

    Hope things get better soon.

    Kind Regards,

  • HI my name is sofia i live in madeira, i have livede in guernsey till i was 15 years old i now live in madeira and have finished my degree here im fluent in english and portugues and as may other people i am unemployed of if you know of any work for me or if i could hepl you please say so. hope everey thing goes well for you : )
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