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Hi everyone. I am only recently home again after a great holiday in Madeira.

In the final day or two, I went out to Calheta and Ponto Do Sol (hope that i have the spelling right). Wow, it was so beautiful up in those hills, with the awesome sea way down below (no probs here should world sea levels rise!)

Anyway, I looked at a few houses for sale and some lots for building upon. Some were on beautiful plots, but seemed to be fairly remote from shops/villages.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good area - ie one that is remote enough to be wonderfully scenic for a house build/purchase, but yet close enough to a village, that one could walk to it.

Do english speaking folks tend to live in any specific areas in and around Calheta and Ponta de Sol?

Thanks for any advice.


  • Try Sam @ Madeira Times which is based in Ponta Do Sol. email......
    who is not only a very lovely lady but extremely knowledgeable in most matters re. Madeira.
  • Hello Will :-)

    I see that no only I'm looking for properties in Calheta.
    That is good area.

    I live in Poland but I know one of sales of property on Madeira.
    May he will be help you to find some property.

    If you need contact with him email me please.

  • Hello Will :-)

    I see that no only I'm looking for properties in Calheta.
    That is good area.

    I live in Poland but I know one of sales of property on Madeira.

    May he will be help you to find some property.
    If you need contact with him email me please.

  • Hello Will

    Ponta do Sol and Calheta are both good choices and as long as you have a car, shopping is no problem. there are loads of English speaking people living in both areas so you shouldn't have a problem. This area is becoming more popular so good luck with your property purchase.
  • We have brought a house at Canhas this year in the hills . Its beautiful . If you want any info about this area or houses let us know

  • Hi Will,
    I have sent you a private e-male. Hope we can talk about Calheta.
  • Hi again.

    Wow, thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply. It is very much appreciated.

    Okay, let's see.

    Don, thank you for recommending this the way, which address should I use
    Sam @ Madeira Times or editor @

    Artur, thank you for replying. I will send you an email.

    Paul & Eme and PoorDreamer, thank you for replying. I will send you an email.

    Sal, thanks for the reply. Yes, I was quite taken with the whoe area. I've spent my previous trips over, all based in Funchal. It is only now that I realise what i have been missing out on. I saw scenery out in those regions, and up through the centre of the island, heading north, that I have never seen th elike of anywhere else in the world. Simply, beautiful.

    I was also amazed to see the micro-climates. We looked at the temperature guage inthe car, and it was maybe 24 degrees.....5 minutes and 2 miles later, it was 21....going up the hill a bit and it was 19.5. Amazing fluctuations.

    The climate is so perfect in Madeira. After doing a lot of research in recent years, I suspect that it is possibly the best in the world.
  • I meant to add.....does anyone know of how much it costs to build a house in Madeira. I am being quoted by some developers 750 to 1000 euros per square metre of build. For a 350 sq metre house that would be a cost of up to 350,000 euros (lot price to be added on top of that)!!

    I thought building in Madeira would be far far cheaper than in the UK. To build a beautiful new 4 bedroom house here, it costs about 80 thousand pounds (120,000 euros). And our houses will have double glazed pvc windows, central heating throughout the house, double walls (cavity walls) other words a lot more our labour will be at least twice what it is in Madeira...maybe three times.

    So why is it 2 or 3 times as expensive to build a house in Madeira?
  • Hi There

    Thanks Don for the kind words and Will please contact me if you want any info on Ponta do Sol and the surrounding areas. We have a lovely expat community here, so you will not be lonely if you choose to buy on this side of the island. You can contact me also if you are interested in AFPOP (the foreign residents association) that can help you with beurocratical issues when coming to live in Portugal and Madeira.
  • well, at first there is not much of suitable area for build a house costs a fortune (in Funchal even 10.000 euros per m2!!!!!!) and almost all places are very difficult to build...go and see how easy it is to build a house on the side of a mountain...these are the sad facts about house prices in Madeira...even a little old one bedroom condo cost 135.000-170.000 euros there...I dream about a little condo in Madeira but if I sell my house I still have to get a loan about 50.000 euros.........ji-haa. And a house is not even the question ,only small one bedroom apartment and now I have my own house 3 bedrooms etc...with central heating dream on like almost everybody else must do.In the mountains and in the northern side of island is much cheaper but the climate is not so well in northern part and there are no shops or only very small ones there where it is you have to buy a car and not any wreck is not suitable, the work for cars in there is so hard that nobody wants to drive with over 4 year old car because they are so worn out that costs same as a new car to get them in good condition!
    Good luck, maybe you will win in lottery or get a great heritage from long lost aunt and get a house in Madeira
  • Hi Will

    Good luck with your search for a property or land in Madeira.

    As you have previously read Sam at Madeira Time is a brilliant contact and definately worth joining is the local Association AFFPOP which is great

    Dont be put off by the extremely Negative comments from the Lady
    MARIA she is always on the network and NEVER has a good word to say about ANYTHING just re--check the last YEARS forum you/ll see

    Madeira is brilliant [of course every country has minor hic-ups//]

    good luck
  • Hi Roy, thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I did laugh at Maria's comments. Her experiences of very high property prices, did not match my own experiences - when looking at property there recently.

    Sam at the Madeira Times has been excellent. I have also loved reading the pdf download of her newspaper.

    I'm heading back over in the next week or two, and I am gonna do an exhaustive search out around calheta and ponta de sol. I am so glad that I ventured out this time from Funchal. I really loved it out along that southern coastline, heading west. My heart was originally set upon Porto Santo island, until I saw the sheer beauty and lushness of those green valleys and the wonderful ocean down below, out at ponta de sol and calheta.

    Best wishes,

  • I did not say anything about Calheta or Ponta do sol, with oth are so far away from Funchal that it is difficulta and time taking to go work there, bacause in both places is very few working places...if you are retired you can buy a place anywhere...and if you dont need very many services and small villageshops are enough. Calheta and Ponta do Sol are both developing places but it will take some time untill it is so modern that living there is ok in all points of view.
    Little holiday staying is different than living in a daily bases. And ofcourse people are different some of us like to live in summercottages and travel 15 km to get whet they need etc, some of us likes people and action and need peace only let people do what they want and live where they want and dont try to squeese them to your kind of style.
    Beautiful is not always similar to the practical.But if you have all the time in the world you can put your living place to little chap cottage on a hillside...and in few years the walue will be 10 imes more than that you pay today. Calheta is developing to a tourist center with its man made sands etc.
  • Maria, thank you for your post.

    Yes, we all have different tastes, motivations, needs, wants, etc.....often based on what we are used to; and/or what particular point that we are at in our own lives.

    For me, I adore the idea of leaving a stressful environment behind, and living out in the relative quiet of calheta or ponta do sol. It would be great to get away from bumper to bumper traffic, smog, and the very high cost of living in the UK.

    I sometimes wonder if local Madeirans are aware of just how wonderful their island really is. The climate is just about the best that can be found anywhere. And the cost of living is a tiny fraction of what it is in countries like the USA or the UK.
  • es it is and people of Madeira knows that too, but everywhere is their own problems Madeira very low salaries and high costa of living...think about the situation that your salary is 650 euros and with taxes taken of about 550 euros...and the rent of one bedroom apartment in the center of Funchal costs 400-500 euros, if you are alone you must take a friend or somebody to live with you or yuo will not get anything else than roof on your is a problem! Huge problem...many of my friends there go to Algarve or to London just to get more salry and some of them can only visit Madeira short time in Xmas...sad and them even they are madeirans dream like me that when they are retired they can move back to Madeira or little earlier and maybe open a restaurant of their own with the money they have got from working in other countries. Eu has done much good things there but also bad; many prices has gone up like a skyrocket. Madeira is paradice if you are on a holiday but even the paradice has dark sides.
    We who came from other countries to live there should consider both sides. And still it is almost like paradice for us!
  • who knows, Maria, how the european project will pan out.

    Countries like Italy and Portugal are in economic problems at the present time. And I would not be at all surprised to see the euro being ditched in some countries in the years ahead.

    But as an outsider, I still see the cost of living in Madeira, as being unbelievably cheap. But that is based on average income and costs in the UK.

    examples - you don't have heating (or usually any cooling costs) for your homes. In the UK, i shell out around one hundred pounds per month on oil for my central heating. My house taxes are over 1000 pounds each year. My electric bill is roughly 65 pounds per month. I will soon have topay about 300 pounds per year for my water.

    Madeira ain't too bad you know! :)
  • i have some practical remarks- Madeira is super for retirement and Ponta de Sol is an optimal place even better then Funchal for investing in land or building a house. The climate is great' the infrastructure is improving and actually you have within minutes shops like pingo doce, swimming pool and sport facilities , great outdoors and even Funchal is a mere 30 minutes drive.
    who needs more?

    I don't
  • Ilan, these are my thoughts too.

    After loads of research, I think that Madeira is the place to be, re climate and a host of other issues.

    If I moved to Ponta de sol, where is the best place to be in that area - ie somewhere with nice scenery, countryside, quietness....but yet close enough to be able to walk to shops?

    And where is pingo doce shop?
  • Will , you won't get all that in walking distance of shops. There are not many in Ponta de Sol, but its a short hop to Ribeira Brava where there are 3 supermarkets (2 very large).

    Check out shopping on

  • that is a GREAT website, Der! Very informative.

    Many many thanks!
  • Hi Will

    This was my first visit to the website - and like yourself am planning a move with my family to Madeira spring next year. Just wondered if you have moved yet otor any further with your plans - if so any advise?


  • yes you find a luxurious life here in Madeira. sure not find any where else. having natural beauty. Madeira clubs alluring doom alot since 2005.Quinta das Vistas Palace Gardens Hotel, Hotel Classic Savoy are suitable places to live.
    If you are looking for coconuts and golden sandy beaches, then Madeira Island is probably not the place for you. This island’s beaches are popular for their high standards, crystal clear water and pleasant
  • We too are thinking about buying in eithet Calheta or Ponta Do Sol, not just because of views, but because it's more sunny I believe? We will visit in feb to find out for our selves! On many pictures of Madeira, it's always cloudy. Is there then more blue skys in Calheta? They say Madeira never gets cold, yet all houses have fireplaces, why is that?
    Just trying now to find a good real estate agent.
  • Ola,
    we have just had 6 days in Madeira (Ponta do Sol) and loved it. What a fabulous island for spectacular scenery.
    We live in central Portugal....and while the temperatures may be higher than UK, the way that older houses were built here means they are cold in the you need heating.In the winter it can be warmer outside than in!
    Good luck with your move.
  • We purchased a villa in Estreito Da Calheta 2 years ago. Apparently this part of the Island along with Ponta do sol is the sunniest. We find the climate very good although it can be cool at night in January, Feb and March. Never seems to get much below 12c though. The days during those months are often warm. The average is around 19c. We are about 1000 ft up but we don't have a fire. Mind you if you get up to Prazeres it can be pretty cold in winter and you would need a fire.
    Garylryna there is plenty of blue skies even in winter, but there's often cloud as well. To be honest you need a bit of cloud in summer, otherwise you would roast.
    You wont get weeks on end of clear blue skies like the Algarve, but then the greenery and flowers make up for that. Good Hunting
  • Ok a big thankyou for advice. Our Feb Trip will be interesting.
  • Looking at my iPhone temp, Funchal temps also seem warmer than Calheta or Ponta Do Sol, yet it's Calheta that's ment to be warmer, why is that? Or is it just a certain area in Calheta warmer?
  • You're getting mixed up between temperature and amount of sunshine. I guess Funchal because it's a city is warmer, also because of all the buildings you can get out of the wind. Where we are [Estreito] it is often sunny but can be cooler because it's about 1000 ft up and quite exposed so can be windy. We always found our car showed the highest temperatures in Madelana do Mar and Calheta, but Funchal is often quite warm.
  • Ar right, yes makes sence. Has Madeira ever had a really cold winter? Or never?
    In Feb in Calheta, can we leave our coats at home?
  • Hi GaryIryna,

    it depends on the height above sealevel ;-)
    at least you need a rain coat . . .

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