dating in madeira

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i go to madeira often and if i am not mistaken there
is a total lack of network for singles to meet.

i would suggest the free web site
as a start.



  • Gerald

    I totally agree with you about the lack of a facility for dating in Madeira. I live here and there are not the male prospects for a female possibly due to 7 women to 1 man on the island???? Either they are married or see no wrong in having multiple relationships! May be you aught to set up a dating club while you are here!
  • 7-1 sounds like a paradise to me, well from 26 june until 7 july I'll be there with four single hetro male friends (32-37), any interest to meet us?
  • hi samantha

    sorry for my late response but i had not been on the site for a while.

    i am thinking of setting up a dating site for madeira and portugal using a locally powered web site which is looking for

    the idea is to translate the site into portuguese,but still using
    their database.
    please contact me on as maybe you can help me with info.


  • hi

    makefriends online became a chargeable service.........
    i recommend which is free.
  • Hi Gerald

    Good idea and definately be interested in helping. In fact I have a MSN website for Madeira so maybe you could link it to that or incorporate the idea on to it. I will try and contact you in the next few days.

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  • Hello amigos dating in madeira its not that bad im 49 year old guy iwas dating 3 girls at the same time Caudette Ferreira 35 year old waitress at the prince albert pub she has beutiful hair and a sexy slim body& Sonia 32 & Nina 17 I loved CLAUDETTE MORE THAN THE OTHER 2 SHE WAZ BETER IN may tink im some gigalo well im not just fit&good looking if can do it at 49 so can you.good luck
  • money money money!
  • Your site is very nice!
  • Hi
    I am trying to make some friends in madeira, it is hard if you come from other country. and try to make friends
    i wanted to go to the ( chao da lagoa) party this month, but i do not know anybody who wants to go as well.

    If anybody is going can you please contact me. I will apriciate very much.
  • Hi,
    if u're interested try this Tgirl, she's nice and hot... msn:
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