Looking for the "de Freitas" family tree in Madeira

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I'm the daughter of Jose Luis Rodigues de Freitas & Maria Irene Gomes Rebelo de Freitas. I was born in Sao Pedro , Madeira. My dad was born in Sao Martinho and my mum Madalena do Mar.
I want to find out how far the family tree goes, you see I married a "de Freitas" here in Australia. He was born in Camara dos Lobos, in Madeira and I just want to find out if somewhere down the line we're related. His name is _ Uriel Orlando Ferreira de Freitas.
My grandparents names were Marta Correia Rodrigues and Manuel Gomes Rebelo, my other grandpa was Guilherme de Freitas, and I can't remember my grandma's.
My husband's grandparents were - Rosa Maria Ferreira de Freitas and Orlando de Freitas.
If anyone out there knows anything give us a buzz.


  • Hello Celia,
    My father was from Madeira and his name was Juan Gomes de Freitas Ramalho. My father was from Funchal, he had many brothers and two sisters. One of the sisters name was Ana.
    I hope this helps as I too am curious about my familly tree and would one day like to establish contact with any relatives.Yours sincerelyAna
  • Hello Cellia,I was born in Madeira and my whole family is from there . My father's mother's maiden name is DeFreitas and she is from Funchal..
  • My family is also from Funchal. My grandfather is Jose Goncalves de Freitas son of Feliciano Goncalves de Freitas and Maria Isabel da Conceicao Pereira D'Oliveira. I have been trying to get info on Feliciano's family with no luck. Maybe you can help me.
  • Hi fellow Defreitas'sThe De Freitas clan is an interesting one!!!Firstly, there's so many of them and they're spread all over the world.It seems that, in order to differentiate between one line from the other, an additional name was adopted or married in or added on or whatever. Here are some examples:... Goncalves De Freitas or De Freitas Goncalves
    ... Gomes De Freitas or De Freitas Gomes
    ... Ornelas De Freitas or De Freitas Ornelas
    ... Ferreira De Freitas or De Freitas Ferrira
    ... Rebelo De Freitas or De Freitas Rebelo
    ... Correia De Freitas or De Freitas CorreiaIn some, cases there even combinations of the above as was the case with one fellow at shool with me. His surname was Gomes Faria Da Rocha Correia De Freitas !!!I'd like to hear you comments!!Augi
  • noEu sou Freitas, e gostava de saber mais sobre as minhas raízes.
  • Hi Celia, my dad is a de freitas as well he has three sisters and his mother was called Lurdes de Freitas she originally came from Xupana north of Funchal (something like a suburb) please mail if you want ton know more
  • Hi my family is jose de Freitas, Zita Gouveia Goncalves
    moved in 1973 to Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  • I met you in 1978 you gave me a ride on your bike
    I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada call me.
  • I wish it was me but unfortunantely it was not! I've been in Cape Town, South Africa since 1969. That was probaly my "double". By the way, and this where is it gets odd, there was an Ana Paula De Freitas who was with me at school!!! I wonder where she is today ... Canada! Cant be! Or is it!
  • No its not me I went to an all girls School in Madeirs than we moved to canada. too bad eh
    We could be related my dad's stepbrothers moved to South Africa his name is Jose De Freitas he's a twin.
  • Your family in SA ... do you perhaps know where they live in SA. I'm in Cape Town and I have two uncles who are called Jose De Freitas. So who knows! I know that on my mother's side some relative moved to Canada.
  • I believe they live in Cape Town I Know my dad talks to his sister in law there I'll have to find out her name my moms name is Zita and Dad is Jose they have 5 kids aged 29 to 42.
  • My grandfather's family from Funchal Madeira were Goncalves de Freitas. I wonder if we may be related.
  • Hi Augi

    De Freitas is quite a popular surname. It's interesting that my dad is also Agostinho De Freitas and he's from Faial. I believe we still have my grandmother and my aunt in Madeira. As for my mother's side of the family, I am sure she has some aunts and uncles. Her surname was De Pontes from Camara Do Lobos.


    Maria Shadford (nee De Freitas)
  • Hello, are you still looking? I'm looking for family by name of Rebelo. Gomes and Fernandes.

    More later if you are interested. Your message is from 1999 but I just came across it.

    bye for now.
  • My Great Grandparents are Jonquille De Freitas and Maria Gomes their Daughter Celeste (born 1918) married the son John Ribeiro and Christina Freitas, John Ribeiro (born 1915) all of Fuchal. John & Celeste (my grandparents) moved to Massachusetts in 1948. My Grandfather just lost his brother Ernest Ribeiro two day ago and I am trying to get the Obituary for him.

  • my name is alvaro
  • my name is alvaro my finds is nadia,susi,laura s,end I like to my fineds
  • my name is alvaro olveira wrote:

  • hello, to all fellow defreitas', l'm from Toronto, Canada. I noticed that someone's father was from Sao Martinho and that's were my father is from. His name is Manuel filipe Defreitas, he has a brother joe, and two deceased sisters. My dad left maderia when he was 16, went to england, met my mother, Alda defreitas; who by the way shares the same last name, no relation. She's from funhal, two brothers, and four sister's (all of them named maria). both my parents are 71 years young, and we always wanted to know more and possibly trace our roots. both of my blood lines are defreitas, somehow I believe there might be something here that might connect. my dad's parent's names are Isabelle & joseph , and my mother's parent's are Louis & maria. If this helps anyone please feel free to reply
  • Would the surname "Rebelo" be a deviation or possibly a name change from Ribeiro?

    I noticed someone mentioned, John Ribeiro..
    I am trying to trace family of my grandfather, Manuel Ponte Ribeiro, and I am wondering if they may be related?
  • hello Celia. my grandmother was a de Freitas. she was born in Calheta in 1871. her full name is Carolina da Conceicao de Freitas.
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