has anyone heard of these villages?

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hello im trying to find my grandfathers roots he was born in madeira portugal and when he came to this country his passport has several villages listed on it! is this common? so i do wonder if he was from madeira though he always talked about madeira here are the villages Vella,Madeira islands, the acores and Rapozeira do serrado any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • Shannon,
    i just know Raposeira, this place is in Madeira and i think is near Calheta (southwest Madeira).
    About the of villages on your grandfathers passport i don't know.
    Good Luck.
  • Raposeira consists of 2 parts, being Raposeira do Serrado and Raposeira do Lugarinho.
    It lies between Faja da Ovelha and Molhoeira, which is between the larger estabishments of Ponta do Pargo and Calheta.If you're looking in the map for it, look for Paul do Mar, which is a fishing village on the southern side, and on the ridge overlooking it, you should see Raposeira. Unfortunately it is not of great importance which explains why you don't always see it on a tourist map.Serrado is the closest to the edge. It has a magnificent view of the sea and Paul do Mar.My grandparents and parents are from Raposeira.Some news I heard recently is that the local district council (based in Faja da Ovelha) are looking at creating a high school there to cater for the villages from Molhoeira to Ponta do Pargo and Paul do Mar, as Calheta is too far for the kids to travel to.Happy hunting.
  • Hi
    Can anyone assist me with the developments that are taking place in Prazeres, especially with regard to tourism?Thanks
  • My name is Inacio De Freitas Branco, the son of Inacio De Freitas Branco Born 18 June 1908 who comes from Rapozeira in Madeira. He was the brother of Shannon Murray's father Henrique De Freitas Branco. She tried to reach family some 12 years ago but i have only picked her efforts up from the internet recently. I have tried an e-mail address in one of her messages but has been returned undelivered. We are definately family and I would like to make contact wiyh Shannon Murray. I live in South Africa and my e-mail is inacio@axxess.co.za
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