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I am looking for any family that may still be in Madeira. My grandmother and grandfather came from the islands. His name was Julio, born in 1893. Her name was Theresa Texeira, born in 1891.
I believe they knew each other in Madeira, came to the United States (Lowell, MA area) around 1912, married here and lived in the Lowell area for the rest of their lives. They have been gone for quite awhile now. He died in 1978 and she died in 1982. From what I can gather from my aunts, she worked as a governess for a German family in Madeira and he had served in the Portuguese army while there. I am not sure how much of this is actual truth and how much is story. If anyone knows anything about them could you please email me. Thank you so much.


  • My mother was Adelaide Coelho from the parish pf Canico, Madeira. She came to america in 1920. Do you know any more about your folks.
    Jim Andrade
  • There was a Colho family that lived in Chicago. They both died, tragically, but left two daughters. He, Albano Coelho, was from Madeira as was his wife, Paola Agrela Coelho. Mr. Coelho was the honorary Portuguese Consulate for many years. Their phone number was listed. Try it and maybe one of the daughters can help you. Good luck.
  • Your maternal grandmother was Teresa Teixeira, born in Ponta do Sol, Madeira, where she was baptised on 23-08-1891, the fourth child of 10 by António Teixeira (born in Ponta do Sol, Madeira on 17-04-1840) and his second wife, Maria de Ramos. She emigrated to the US in 1916 with her brother, José Teixeira. Later, in 1919, her second cousin Augusta Teixeira also emigrated to Lowell, MA. Your grandfather Júlio Coelho was baptised in S. Pedro, Funchal, Madeira on 12-03-1893, also the fourth of 10 children by Francisco Lino Coelho and Urbana de Sousa (married in S. Pedro in 1885). He emigrated to the US in 1915. I hope this is helpful, I'm a great-great granddaughter of António Teixeira's older brother, Lucas.
  • Thank you so much. My aunt who posted the original message passed quite a few years ago and most of my great aunts have as well since. I'm trying to complete our family tree now and it's difficult without any connection to our ancestors. I have additional questions based on some research I've done so hoping you'd be able to help. Do you have any information on Antonio Teixeira's family? I understand he would be your great-great uncle. I don't have much at that level, I believe I found the 10 children's names and dates of baptism, but I would like to go further back. Do you know his parents and/or siblings? I also found the 10 children of Francisco and Urbana but I don't have either of their parents names. Is there a specific website that I could try to get this information from?
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