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Hoping someone can help

I am currently trying to find out some history about my family who are from Maderia


I am searching for info on the Goncalves Family who have lived in the Curral das Freiras area for at least the past 100 years (fathers & grandfathers name JOAO ANTONIA GONCALVES).

If anyone can give any info on the past of Curral or the beginnings of the place.


The Araujo family from Santa Cruz, My grandparents have lived there for the past 100 years or so. They lived in the surrounding hills

Also would like to find desendants of the Araujo family (Joao, Manuel & Jose) who all emigrated to Brazil in the 1960's. Only Joao ever visisted Maderia again but i know that he has died

If you have any info, let me know



  • Maybe I can help you, I think those ones from Brazil are my cousins...I'm Araújo too!
  • hi I am Gerry Araullo Reyes.....apparently my ancestores came from Spain...they where Basque. They fought against Queen Isabella and where told to leave the contry and change their Name to Araullo....they used to be Araujo...from Sapin they went to Mexico and from there the philippines. It would be nice if you can confirm this.
  • Hi

    i have been trying to find out something about the family but as they seem to move around, then we lose touch.

    So who are you related to and can you tell me some about the folks over there?

    My Mother, Rosa, came over to Jersey when she got married, in 1970. i have a sister, Katherine (18) over here and a brother, John (20) who is now studying in England. My mother died in 1995. I still visit the family in Maderia when i can, i was there for three weeks at Christmas.

    i am Anna, i am thirty, and work in the finance industry here in Jersey, and by the way this is Jersey in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of France

    By the way, you are related to a very highly regarded family in Santa Cruz, it's fantastic when you visit them as everyone knows them, and they fantastic fun. I love being with them and am seriously considering moving over there in a number of years.

    The Araujo family that i know about are:
    Abel who lives in London and has two kids
    Conceciao who lives in Australia and also has two kids.
    Luis, Arsenio, Teresa live in Maderia - all have children execpt for Teresa.
    Unfortunalty all the others have died.

    Please let me know about everyone there as i know nothing - its the missing bit of the family - everyone seems to have lost touch with them.

    Please tell me more and thank you so much for getting in touch

    thanks again
    anna x x
  • Hi,

    Well we mostly all live in australia now. My grandfather was Jose Araullo he was born in the philippines of spanish migrants. His uncle was the first Chief Justice of the Philippines. I will get all the details from my mom and uncles and get back to you.

    BTW where is Santa Cruz and Medeira?

  • hi,

    Im an Araullo too, I dont exactly know how are we related to the Araullo Chief Justice, My grandma would tell us that the Chief Justice is my grandfather's grandpa. My grandfather migrated to Angeles City and worked in Clark, where he met my grandma. btw his name is Marcos Araullo. his parents are Bonifacio Araullo and Ana Alberto if im not mistaken.

  • i am araullo too....but the only name I can recall that is the oldest is my grandfather Paciano Araullo from Taytay, Rizal Philippines and his parents I cannot remember their names but when my grandfather's father was still alive, I was just a kid I remember my grandmother saying her father inlaw is amadeo araullo or something like that.....am not sure but also heard them saying they migrate from Antipolo, Rizal......my family also claims that we are descendants from Spain or of spanish blood..........now the ancient history or genealogy of Araullo......maybe someday one of you would like to confirm its origin......I am sure very interested.....
  • Hi. I'm not even sure what I'm doing here but most probably, my family is actually relates to at least, all of you.

    My name is Charisse Araullo from Quezon City. From what I can recall when I was still small is that our family came from Taytay, Rizal.
    My Paternal Grandmother will be Benita Santos Araullo and her parents (wc is going to be my great grandparents): Andres Araullo (who came from Taytay, Rizal) & his wife, Franceska Santos.

    As the story goes, I'm not sure when exactly Andres Araullo went to Antipolo, Rizal, but as the story goes:
    Andres Araullo stole some "chicken" & to avoid being caught, he left Taytay, Rizal & I'm not sure if he's already married to Franceska Santos or what.
    Same story was shared to us that the Chief Justice Manuel Araullo, was my Lola Benita/Mamang's uncle.

    For all we know is that Andres Araullo startes living in Antipolo, Rizal and he have a big family to support with. I'm not really sure if he ever tried to go down to Taytay, Rizal or if any of his children, tried to find the rest of the Araullos in Taytay.

    What I also know is that during WW2, my grandmother: Benita Santos Araullo's working for an American Businessman in Binondo & her boss was apprehended by the Japanese soldiers in UST. I guess, her loyalty paid off because right after the war, she moved all the Araullos to Bambang. My grandmother was the eldest daughter of Andres Araullo & I heard that he has a nickname: Andres (Mang iitak), because he always brings his "itak" w him & I'm not sure if he's bragging or what.

    I found some handwritten docs from my grandmother & it says that after the rest of Andres Araullos family was transferred to Bambang, he passed away & same with greatgrandmother Franceska or Lola Ika(?) & their remains were in the Old Antipolo Cemetery but was later transferred to Our Lady of Good Voyage Cemetery.

    My grandmother: Benita, was born by 1903 and the rest of the other siblings followed. However, these descendants of Andres & Franceska Araullo --- all of them, already passed away. i was able to meet some of them when i was growing up.

    My grandmother, Benita, bought a property in Antipolo and like the rest of the family, she will do her "pamalengke" in Antipolo

    That property was sold by my dad, Atty Cesar S Araullo, I think between '96-'97.

    Both of my parents already passed away & we have no means to ask the 2nd generation of Araullos because most of them are already retired & travels back & forth to US or Canada.

    I hope,one of you will be able to read this message.

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