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We are a couple who are thinking of moving over to Madeira next year. We would be grateful to receive any information about job openings next year, cheap properties, etc.



  • Unfortunately there is no such thing as cheap properties in Madeira! We have been looking for the last year (my husband is from the island but we currently live in the Uk and are looking to move to Madeira). We have been many times looking at a huge variety of properties, but they are very expensive, as is any land on which you could build your own house. The prices seem to have really shot up in the past couple of years, probably beacuse of all the TV programmes in the UK about moving abroad etc. Madeira is certainly not like some parts of Spaon, France or Portugal where you can buy a cheap house in the country for next to nothing! However there are plenty of estate agents to see on the island who will be more than happy to show you some properties so you can get an idea of what is on offer. Also, before you can but a house you need to register for the equivalent of the UK national insurance number. To do this it would be helpful if you could take someone who speaks Portuguese with you as there is quite a lot of paperwork involved.

    As to jobs, there is very little available. You are most likely to get work in restuarants as waiter/waitress, but the money is not good at all. If possible the best thing is to try to start your own business, but again you need to speak portuguese to think of doing this really.

    I am sorry to sound som negative, but having tried to do exactly what you are doing now has given me quite an insight in to how things happen on Madeira. We are still looking for the property of our dreams and hope to move out there as soon as we can. We are lucky in the fcat that we do have my husbands family there already so we can always stay with them whilst we look for a place.

    If you have plenty of money to go with then you will be fine though!
  • Living on Madeira, doesn´t walking up and down steep hills get to you after a while? The advantage of course is that almost everybody seems to have a view.

  • Hi!

    Well dear if you really want to going & live in Madeira, you should not listen to any one. You should go any way & gain the experience of living in Madeira & experience the great events thast happens through out the year.

    I am from Madeira, all I have to say it's a beautiful island, go out there & experience it.

    I lived in Brazil for 2 years in Natal, I absoltely loved it, everyone keep saying to me the money was rubbish!!!, it was true, but I really loved being with the brazilian people.

    Take care

  • Hi!

    I am wondering if anyone could help me with getting a temporary job (max. for a year) in a hotel of Madeira.
    I have a BA in economics and tourism and worked in different Marriott hotels, at sales and marketing department and front desk, last time in San Diego.

    Please, don`t hesitate to contact me if you need more details about me.

    Best regards,

    Lana from Hungary
  • hey anna!
    im claudia, i live in Jersey (londres) but im from madeira, and i totaly agree with you.
    so all of you who think madeira is crap, well you know what, if you cant say something nice don't say nothing at all.

  • " You rock Claudia"
    Tell them how it is.
    I am also from Madeira and live in the U.S.
    They complain and complain, but they are always trying to go there.
    Keep up your attitude.
  • I'm glad I found this site, cause I have a question. I just turned 25 and I work in special education at a middle school. I want to get out of the states though. My great grandfather was from Madeira and I think it would be a great experience to go there and live and work there for a while. You people, like Anna, Claudia, and Clemente made me think that maybe this is something I can do. Do you guys have any info on apartments or jobs that someone like my self could get into? I work in special education and have also worked in a restuarant. I know only a few phrases and sayings in Portuguese. But i would love nothing more than to move to Madeira, work there and learn the language.


  • Hi I love Madeira 2! Having worked there for a holiday company two years ago I just can't forget its beauty. I returned on a holiday afterwards aswell for a few weeks holiday. Obrigado.. Obrigado! Im sure the best way is to just go and not look back. If anyone has some ideas or can suggest somewhere to stay if I return. I hope to get an apartment in Funchal eventually but would like to spend some time checking out the people and places a little bit more! Contact me if you live there and have a positve idea about somewhere nice to stay without costing too much! I am young enough and would love to make contact with and make friends in Funchal.
  • Whoever says Madeira is crap needs their head looking at. It's a beautiful island, and we've looked into moving out there and working. The downside is that common opinion, including the editor of the Madeira Life newspaper, says property is expensive and jobs hard to come by. She knows loads of Brits who've made the move then had to scamper back to the UK with their tails between their legs. Dreams are fine, but it's Euros that put food on the table!
  • Hi Everyone!

    My name is Linda. I live in South Africa and Two years ago I lived in Madeira until this day I wish I could go back there. It was difficult getting work there but if you are prepared to work hard then go for it. I first worked in a Rent car company then I studied to become a tour guide there and loved every moment. To find work you have to be there, there are two employment agencies in Funchal and alot of work is available selling time share. Madeira is a floating island of flowers and it has the most beautiful views. I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO BACK THERE. So guys go ahead and dont let people put you off.

    Like they say in madeira



  • Linda u have to be realist and honest.
    Madeira dont have working agence.
    Only job centre.
    Madeira have lots problems to employe people.
    Madeira is a dream island to same people but isit very dificult to start if u no have lots money to start.
    My opinion because i am Madeirense.
    lots love
  • Is there any local Banks in the area and if so any names or phone numbers? thanksLana wrote:

    > Hi!
    > I am wondering if anyone could help me with getting a temporary
    > job (max. for a year) in a hotel of Madeira.
    > I have a BA in economics and tourism and worked in different
    > Marriott hotels, at sales and marketing department and front
    > desk, last time in San Diego.
    > Please, don`t hesitate to contact me if you need more details
    > about me.
    > Best regards,
    > Lana from Hungary

  • Due to the success of the “DOM PEDRO” in Madeira, plans are underway to expand our commercial department, “The Hotel DOM PEDRO.

    The resort will be based in MADEIRA, . We are only looking to recruit the best sales in the industry.

    This is a more than 5 star product and our recruitment and work ethic is simple, 5 star is reflected in the quality of your work, appearance, attitude and overall demeanour. The chosen candidates will be promoting and selling a 5 star resort, If you have the necessary drive, motivation, and professionalism needed to succeed, then contact us for any of the below………….

    Sales and OPC/Marketing personnel who speak the following languages:

    English, Portuguese. .

    Additional languages are also considered.
    All candidates should have a good understanding of the English and Portuguese language.

    Successful candidates will enjoy a quality life style on a temperate island, which averages an annual temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

    send CV to
  • Hi,

    I live in Warsaw, Poland and have always wanted to go to Madeira Islands. I used to live in US for 12 yrs where I studied economics in Chicago and worked in real estate financing profession. I moved back to Poland 4 yrs ago and have just graduated with the Real Estate Management degree. I don't speak Portuguese yet, but am fluent in English and Polish. Is it possible to get a job in let's say Funchal by working for a hotel / tourist agency? There must be some need to Polish translators? I'm ready to integrate with the new culture and I'm confident once I get there I should be fine. Of course the 'getting there' part and 'finding the financial means' to get set-up are most challenging. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
    P.S. In case you wonder why not Warsaw, Poland - well - despite Poland being my home country, I don't think it's the place for me in the long run! Thank you and good luck to the rest of you too! - Magda T: +48 797 597 051
  • Jobs are few and far between at the moment and there are many local Madeiran's out of work, so any vacancies, they are (rightly) being offered the jobs. I also think without fluent or close to fluent Portugese speaking you will have more of a problem. Even the English speaking timeshare people are struggling to make money at the moment. You should certainly be financially secure as there are no unemployment benefit payment here, unless you have worked continuousy for one company for two years. Expect to pay anything from €250 upwards for accommodation per month and also bearing in mind that wages are very low and taxes are high!!
  • I know its a long shot. But do you by any chance speak Russian? Only asking since you border Russia. Russian speaking individuals should have a good chance of finding some work. Polish related activities is still not a big enough market in my opinion.
  • If you do come to madeira, GOOD LUCK! Albeit the island has a wonderful climate and beautiful views, the government is raping the population for their own mistakes, the 5 families which run the island control EVERYTHING and overall, outsiders are not welcomed. As for work, there is none. Everyone here except the 5 families are struggling. 1,83 euro for a litre of petrol and 2,50/hour minimum wage. Good luck. I'm leaving as soon as I can.
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