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Me and my husband is coming to Madeira in September. I wounder if anyone have suggestion where we can turn to rent an apartment longterm. We need an small apartment, The best would be a furnished apartment, to a good price.
I hope anyone can help.



  • What size apartment are you looking for? Where are you coming from ? what approx price are you looking to pay ? What location in Madeira ? Do you have children? Do you have employment here? Do you have any pets?

    I may have an apartment but it is still under construction at the moment

    Kind regards
  • Hi,

    we are from Sweden and we would prefer to live in Funchal or near by. We want a small apartment maybe one or two rooms. The size isnt so important it is more about the price. We would be happy if we could find an apartment for about 350 euro but please let us know about the apartment you have got in mind even if it isnt in that price. We have no children and no pets. I am looking for a job and my husband is going to study on distance from Sweden and will receive money (study support) from Sweden. So we will be able to pay the rent even if it is hard for me to find a job.

    Kind Regards

  • Thank you for your reply ... The apartment is located in Canhas ( Nr Ponta de sol) This is a small country village in the hills and is approx 20 minutes from Funchal There are local shops and there are local buses that go to Funchal if you dont have a car... The apartment is two bedrooms with a bathroom, lounge and kitchen diner and will be a comfortable size, but not to big. The apartment has its own private entrance and patio area and has excellent views of the village, the sea, and country side. As the apartment is not yet complete the rental amount has not yet been agreed but we think it will be between 400 & 500 euro a month. We come to the house several times a year, and am due back in August, to hopefully complete it . The apartment is new ( as well as the house) so everything will be new and clean. Do you speak Portuguese? We dont, but manage OK on the island, but if you do this would help you find work much easier What is your husband studying ?

  • Hi again,

    My husband is going to study mathematics, programming and wind power. Maybe I also will be studying ( art history ) but I have already applied for a job not requiring portugues. Here in Sweden I work as an artist and I have my own company. We dont speak portugues but we are trying to learn...
    Are you plannning to rent the apartment furnished? The 400-500 euro you wrote about what is included in that, water, electricity..? Will there be a oven and a freezer in the apartment? and a washing machine?

  • Water and electricity would be at cost as This can be used minimaly or extensively as you require, but based on accounts to date water is very low anyway our water and electricity used is very realistic. We will be renting partly furnished, and it will include an oven,fridge. The washing machine we would class as a consumable and would need to be supplied by yourselves if required. There are many local shops who can supply these as well also the supermarkets and shopping centres and electrical shops Connection points and drainage is already installed.
    As mentioned we have yet to set the cost, but until its near complete, we have not set a figure.

    Can you advise if you are smokers or non smokers please?

    The ideal person(s) we are looking for need to be professional, and can appreciate and look after the apartment, and be able to respect it by keeping the home clean and tidy. We are not always at the house and being new we wish to keep the house and apartment to a high standard for everyone to enjoy.
    I hope you dont mind me mentioning this, but I think it is important that we understand each others needs, so we can also respect them if we agree to proceed .

    We enjoy its location and views, and the general way of life, and whoever takes the apartment. I am sure will also feel the same

    Kind regards
  • Hi there

    We are a rentals and property management only agency here in madeira. If you send us an e-mail with your requirements we are sure we will find you accomondation in this beautiful island and also advice on moving here. info@madeiraestates.com
  • Hi

    I am from South-Africa and are also looking for an apartment, near schools in Funchal, with 3 bedrooms not to expensive, because I want to buy later. We are looking to move the end of December 2006. I will also be glad if you know of anyone that can provide work of any kind for me as I will be a single mom supporting two kids for the time being. If you have any tips regarding moving and settle in Funchal please e-mail me.


    Lize-Marie da Fonseca

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