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I am looking to sell my Mitsubishi Galloper 4 wheel drive but dont quite know the best way to go about it. I dont want to leave it in a garage for months gathering dust, have tried advertising it in the papers and have a sign on the back, anybody got any ideas? Nothing wrong with it just need to get a small van instead. Any suggestions welcome.


  • Hi, what are the details of the vehicle ie model, colour mileage, age condition etc you have a picture and how much do you want

    kind regards
  • detail of the vehicle /age/condition/picture/price.
  • I dont see anything only text suggest direct email to

  • Hi, its a mitsubishi galloper, 1999, 2.5 Turbo Diesel, 140,000 on clock, vehicle inspeccione Nov 2007, Silver, good condition, just needs an air con belt which is on order with my local garage, serviced Jan, nothing wrong with it just need to get a van instead. Looking for €9,500 or there abouts.
  • Do have picture if you want to send me your email
  • email for the picture/
  • Back to the original question, where is the best place to take the car to sell it, work that needed to be done has been done and I want to get rid of it.
    Any suggestions of Garages where I can go to
  • have you tried or or maybe even
  • Hey Sheara,
    Thanks for that I will do that now
  • Hi Gina

    I'm from Cape Town and am spending about 15 days in Madeira (first time - can't w8) and am looking for a car to use while I'm there. It doesn't have to be fancy - it must just get me around. I don't mind putting a deposit down and paying my mileage. If you haven't sold it yet and thinking of hiring it out to me from 19Dec to 6 Jan, please let me know. If you've sold it and know of anyone who has a car that is gathering dust in the garage, that I can use (I will look after it like gold as if it were mine), I would be ever indebted to you.

    Thanx stax
  • Hi I would like to buy some car beetwen 500-700Euros.
  • You might get a TOY car for 500 euros !
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