Am moving to Madeira

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Am moving to Madeira soon with my wife ,who is from Porto Santo.We are wanting to drive to Portugal and hopefully catch a boat from the mainland to the island,with a van and a trailer.Can anybody help us find a ferry service that my be able to help us.Thanks and kind regards.


  • Sir, Its with regret this is not possible. I undertook considerable research in driving to Madeira ...and it stops at the mainland . Certainly you would be able to get the car and van shipped but you cannot accompany it. You would have to fly / Also you will need to check length and weight as this will certainly have an influence in what you will pay . You would also be wise to check to see if you will be charged import duties on the van trailer ( and the goods you are bringing ) if it can be shown these goods are personal effects then I think you are Ok if not you could be charged .

    I have spoken to several people via the internet who confirm that although they have done it they wouldnt do it again...........

    Trust this is of help
  • Thank you very much for the advice,at least now i can stop my search and contact a good removels firm.Again if any one knows of a trustworthy company it would be very helpfull.
    Again thankyou for the quick reply.Kind Regards Matt Breeze
  • Matt, there might be a way, although a bit complicated, of getting there by ferry, or ferries. A ferry company, I believe it's called Armas, from the Canary Islands, has a weekly connection from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Madeira. This is being done on an experimental basis through the first weekend in September 2006.
    What you have to do is this: take the ferry from Cadiz, Spain to the Canaries and from there to Funchal. It's a question of how hard or desperate you want to go by ferry.
    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info,will check it out .Thank you again for your help Regards Matt.
    p.s Will post how i got on :-)
  • Hello Matt...

    Don't know if you still looking for a transport company, but here goes anyway.
    I have just found a copy of 'paginas portuguesas'(portuguese pages) from 2004/05 and have a couple of contacts that will give you some free estimates.

    Unit 2, Cranford way ind estate,
    Tottenham Lane, London N8 9DG
    Tel no,s: 020-8340 8434 / 020-8340 8437
    Fax no: 020-8340 8409
    Mobile no: 07836 644 510 # contact Luis Correia

    Trans Atlantico cargo
    274-276 Queenstown Road,
    London SW8 3NP
    Tel: 020-7733 5094
    Fax: 020-7738 6315
    Mobile: 07767 345782

    Hope the above may be of some help.

    Best regards, Adam Rei
  • Thanks for the info ,will call them tomorrow.
    Had so much help from people its been fantastic,Regards Matt
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