Looking for computer dealers on Madeira

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As I will be moving to Madeira for good I am searching for computer dealers where I can buy a desktop system and the usual periphery. The brand does not play a role, however, service is important.
Looking forward to receive your leads!


  • Hello Swistak...
    Why not try Dell computers. My family & i all bought Dells for our homes and i don't think id ever try another make, and they should'nt have a problem shipping it to Madeira.
    If you're in the U.K. you must be aware of the flyers (leaflets) you get in newspaper advertizing their special offers.
    If not let us know and ill post some telephone numbers, or, just see their website.
    Adam Rei.
  • My experience with Insularmatica (www.insularmatica.pt) is good. Till now it is one of the best in the area of service and quality compared to others ... however there are a few more on Madeira that I am not familiar with.

    I once sent an e-mail to several computer dealers asking for a certain configuration, information and pricing. Insularmatica was the only one that responded and sent me a complete (no obligation) offer.

    Good luck
  • Many thanks for the valuable information!
  • There are many on the island try Vobis in the Madeira shopping centre or radio popular ( or of course bring one with you ) (as you may need a UK version of windows?)


  • Paul,
    Thanks for the info.

    In fact, I will be moving from Warsaw, Poland, to Madeira, where I plan to go on retirement.

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