2Kittens and 1 Adult cat looking for a new home!

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2kittens (born 13th August 2006)
1adult (think less then a year old)

1kitten is grey
1kitten has a few colors
1adult is all white

more at: http://www.sheara.no.sapo.pt/Gatinhos.htm


  • Sheara, how long have you had the mother of the kittens that you need a home for , did you have her since a kitten.
  • Yes had her since a kitten but haven't managed to get a home for her, she's a very lovable cat. She's tottaly white, I found her, she was miauing, scared, starving... abandoned
  • I made a public reply to an offense e-mail from a guy on this topic it's in a new post if ur curious... If anyone wants a kitten or the adult please contact me
  • You are very brave for doing great things for a good cause and as for that person's
    e-mail to you is not worth even mentioning, don't let it bother you, i wish i could help with the cats but i am not able to
  • Well thanks anabelle62 I try my best to do things as well as I possibly can, it can be hard sometimes though :(
    Don't worry, if you can't help I don't expect you to, but if you know anyone could you please mention it to them just incase?
    Thanks for the kind words!


    Best wishes
  • I managed to get them to stay all together :) So they are no longer searching
  • Have you managed to find them a home yet?
  • As I said above "I managed to get them to stay all together :) So they are no longer searching" but thanks for your intterest
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