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Dear Jorge Martins

Well in response to the typical offensive ignorant e-mail I shall say I have nothing to hide and will be polite instead of a horses arse like you were.
For one, no I don't like Madeira, everyone has their likes and dislikes, some people like strawberries others like mangos. I myself preffer mangos but have nothing against people that like strawberries, we all have our tastes as long as they know how to be scivilized about their tastes and not try to force people to liking what they like and be all rude about it.

For one, the female cat, the adult, I found here by my house, real small, miuaing of cold, hunger and afraid, she was behind an electricity and cable tv box that had other then herself broken glass.... she had been there for 4 days, 4 nights, obviously someone had just dumped here there. My area has done a lot of animal poisening and not wantting her to have that fate or starving, getting hit by a car... I decided to try to help her. I took her in and tried finding a houve for her, but no one wantted a female cat, so I've kept looking... See I could be a cruel person and not care for her and ditch her back where I found her but no, I'd buy her cat food, not food scraps, ussualy I'd get Friskies as she seemed to like it, for kittens... ussualy I wouldn't buy myself a chocolate so I could get her something instead. I provided her with love, and food wile I looked for a home for her. In the meantime she had 2 kittens, and guess what I was giving her Megecat, it the cat version of the cat pill, I thought maybe she just wasn't used to the pill so it didn't take. I gave those 2 kittens after they were 2months old as recomended to me. Still no one for the adult cat. I couldn't fix her as it was 150€ and my dad that by the way is from Madeira born and raised said he wasn't about to give that for a stupid animal, even though my mother wanted to. Ok so we gave the pill again, and guess what didn't work she got pregnant again. So I had gotten youth job for the month of August, it's 163.80€ for one months work, I worked at the direcção de estradas, administrative position, you can go confirm if you'd like. They money was to go to fixing the adult cat as soon as I managed to give the other kittens away, even though I have a car to get insurance, selo... for I was going to put the cat first, don't belive me ask my friends and family what I was planing to do with the money.
Well I finished the youth job and went to get the money on the 15th of the next month.
I cashed the money and was going to go to SPAD as soon as her kittens where old enough to go to have her spayed.
I woke up at around 9am with a noise, my dad was throwing objects at my mom, I went out to defend her, so he goes at me and hits me so hard that I still can't hear on my left ear all that well.
My mom goes down to the bar, she works there to make money then he ussualy spends it in Casinos... well she went down, so he comes into my room, and starts bashing my head gainst a bad of shoes, those black thick big bags that the street sweepers use, fill to the top with shoes(funny thing is they were shoes I put aside that I wasn't using for people who needed it, I even sowed a pair by hand where they were comming undone, so much for doing good) well it he bashes my head against this bag and the table next to my bead, that was about 5 times, I thought if I don't get up his going to kill me, so I manage to get up, he keeps hitting me and then tries to pull my hair out, he finnaly gets tired and leaves me there screaming in terror. I phoned my boyfriend in panic scared that he might come back. My boyfriend came to pick me up, my grand mother says I deserved it, even though my father just took out any anger he had on everyone on me... and my boyfriend took me to the hospital, the people at the hospital all looking at me with pitty/shock... The nurse urging me to press charges... and the only thing I could think off was the cats, wile I wait to be called for x-rays I manage to phone my sister to tell her to please get the cat and kittens out of the house or he will kill them. Excuse me for thinking about myself... So anyways a lot in between. My sister managed to bring the cat and kittens to her apartment so that he wouldn't hurt them. You know where the 163.80€ went? Cat food, and 50€ that I have to give my sister for rent and will have to give her every month for rent wile I'm here. We kept them in the apartment for a week or 2 I managed to give 4kittens 3males and 1female, but we couldn't keep them at the apartment anymore because they have a no pet policy! So I managed to have someone keep them wile I look for someone to take them permanently, as he can't keep them. If I was "hanging out for coffee in your latest fashions" as you put it, don't you think I'd just leave them at their luck, let them starve, let them suffer, just dump them in the street, or in a bag in the sea like most people do? Or maybe thats considered being good now a days and looking for a home for them is being bad... "GROW UP OR GO BACK TO AFRICA AND LIVE WITH YOUR PRETOS MENTALITY" Racist are we, well did you know that what makes the color of your skin is the same thing that makes the color of your eyes, you sound soo hummm Hitler to me, there's bad blacks there's bad whites, there's bad everything everywhere and looks like I found one! Yes I want to go abroad, there's not much to do here, ok let me see there's the beach in the summer, when it's doesn't rain or ih it's not that time of month. Most people here find going out at night and getting waisted almoast every day fun, nahh not for me... Have you ever been out of Madeira even? Well I don't like Madeira, I already said in a post before that maybe I'd like to come back in a few years when there's more to do and people are more open not so judgemental, I like Madeira itself, the island is beautiful, but most of the stuff are meant for turists, cinema prices are going higher and higher, not many places for youngters to do things and hang out, I wish they had a club to do all sorts of activities for people of all ages, bungee jumping, rapel... ussualy those groups are untill 12. Well here's my reply feel free to grouch on!

I write this in response to the stupid e-mail I got from him:

jorge martins to me
More options 13:47 (5 minutes ago)

I see you criticise the people of Madeira in your personal website. YOU are a hypocrite, as you are no better . I say this because you can bullshit about being an animal lover and at the same time advertise a mother cat and her female babies for someone else to look after. WHY DO PEOPLE IN MADEIRA GET ANIMALS IN THE FIRST PLACE IF THEY DONT INTEND TO KEEP THEM. ESPECIALLY FEMALE ANIMALS. You should know better that it is a major problem on Madeira with all the stray cats and dogs running loose on the island. Why did you not have have the mother cat fixed to avoid more misery for the poor animals that would follow. Animals are not just cute fluffy toys while they are still small. Dont think that advertising for a new home makes you look good as i am sure that the chances of someone taking in all these female cats with the attendant problems is pretty much next to zero. And then what will you or someone that you know do.............DUMP THE POOR CREATURES. Well if that is what eventually happens , i hope you sleep well at night and that you never forget that you are responsible for the suffering of defenseless animals . You come across as a spoilt brat with shit for brains and i suggest you spend your money on the cats ( LIKE HAVING THEM FIXED AT A VET) instead of trying to make the scene and hanging out for coffee in your latest fashions.GROW UP OR GO BACK TO AFRICA AND LIVE WITH YOUR PRETOS MENTALITY........Madeira is full enough of your kind.


  • Hi there,
    after reading your response to the sad person's e-mail really who is he to judge you and you didn't have to justify, things are done for a reazon and under your cicunstances you did your best. Please seek help an advice, you shouldn't allow your dad or anyone to use physical violence towards you that is not acceptable in today's society.
    I too left home and madeira when i was only 17yrs old and never looked back, sadly all i have is bad memories from my childhood in madeira. Madeira is very beautiful
    but not for me.
  • Where are you anabelle62?
  • This was his reply, then he still says I must keep quiet to not make a fool of myself, what exactly is he doing then?:

    I've already volunterred once for SPAD and they told me it was 150€, so sorry if that's what they said when I phoned!! Plus I've already donated milk... to SPAD. The pc and digital camera isn't mine. Yes I got myself a car, it was real cheep that's way I got it, well someone got it for me I have to pay them back when I can, but even though I have to pay them back I was going to use that money for the cats instead of that... but you think you know everything. And to get a job now a days a lot of them you need your own car. You speak but where are you chatting from? My car is a 1991 car I got it scratched and bumped but I didn't mind as long as it worked. I don't go out to trendy clubs, I've been to the disco maybe 4 times maximum in my entire life. Those shoes by the way I had for a long time they were mine and my moms and my sisters old but still usable shoes that I thought were better to give to someone who needed them then keep them, I haven't bought new shoes for the last 3 years for your information and the only clothes I've bought was some underwear and I think 2 t-shirts. or would you preffer me go around naked? But if your speaking, do you have a car, and is it an old car you bought just good enough to work or some fancy thing, I'm betting you go out get drunk and what's not, I'm guessing you don't think of the animals then, Your just a sad little man with dogmas on everything and everyone, you might want to search the word, I am not as "stupid" as you might think, well the only stupid thing I've done is give you the time of day as you don't deserve a single second of my time. Yes I have a personal website, but I have the right to, go rub your "dor de cotobelho" somewhere else. And learn how to treat people!
    I don't hate you for what you say I pitty you for not knowing any better!

    jorge martins to me
    More options 04-Oct (17 hours ago)

    Maybe you try keeping quiet or you risk making a bigger fool of yourself than what you already have, you ignorant silly little girl.Your sob story dont change nothing.Next time instead of another pair of shoes ( remember the bag is already full to the top ) have a cat spayed for about 50 euro if you really know or take the time to find out more about SPAD. Being unemployed or should that be unemployable try doing some volunteer work for SPAD , you may even learn something from real animal lovers. Amazing! you plead poverty and yet you have the pc, didgital camera, motor car, bags of unwanted shoes, time and money for the trendy clubs etc. etc. Get a life girlie, one day in Spain aha ha ha ha , two whole months in the U.K.whaaaa ha ha ha ha and a flash of mainland Portugal (puke) woweeee golly gosh what do us peasants here on the island know about life ..Oh! sorry you are pc literate with your own pathetic little web site so that makes you really special.A BIT OF ADVICE : leave the stray animals alone or do something constructive in place of promoting the breeding of more strays or shopping for shoes......( if i read correctly between all the waffle on your site in 1 year another 6 or 7 potential strays for your effort ), and you do the numbers with each female adding their litters from 6 months onward twice a year . Imagine! half the big black bag of shoes could have fixed all of them and more ( and probably have saved your poor dog as well) , and the bonus ........the wack on the head wouldnt have been so bad from the big black bag hahahhahahahahahahahah.Go ahead post this for the public, call out the army ....whatever.... just remember you can fool some of the people some of the time , you caint fool all the people all the time and yes i am racist and proud of it ( crucify me / burn me at the stake ) I happen to have more time for animals than some other upright walking species that roam the earth.Furthermore i have lived in the real ( not your plastic ) world in more countries than you could spell my dear so take my advice and just shut your cakehole, Go ahead rant and rave ...type your fingers to the your thing , i have more important things to deal with so adios forever and good luck need it. MORAL OF THE STORY: DO NOT PUNCH OUT OF YOUR WEIGHT LIMIT. HA HA HA AHA AHAHAHHAHHAHAH..........hhahahahahah........P.S.........wellcome to the real world
  • Is there anyway to block e-mails at g-mail I don't want to receive anymore pittyfull e-mails.
  • hi sheara
    i am sending u an e-mail
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