Homosexual forum please

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Limbo, can you please start a homosexual forum so that heterosexuals don't have to scroll endlessly to find non-homosexual messages?


  • Ok, then make a forum with people with blue eyes, then one with brown eyes, then with green eyes so you don't have to go through allllllll those posts to find just one, a forum for catholic, jew, islam.... come on we're a community therefore the same. I also go through a lot of post looking for this or that but I'm not gonna go asking to create a forum with my preferences. There's enought categories be patient, and it seems most of the people are specefic on the subject so avoid anything marked guy looking for guy or lesbian....

    Sorry if you find this offensive, I find yours egocentric.

    Just my opinion, one opinion in a sea of thoughts.
  • Trevor, great idea.......... this board is clogged with that crap....... Regards, S
  • Sheara,well put. However, I do understand his/hers point of view, same sex couples are not allowed to get married by law and there for do not have equal rights.

  • So do you agree with Hitler too? Cause jews, people born with dissabilities, twins... were considered inferior therefore had limited rights... Just cause the goverment doesn't find they deserve igual rights doesn't make them inferior all humans deserve iqual rights independently of belif, color or status...
    What I find funny is guys tend to say gay men should not have equal rights yet most of them love the idea of lesbians.

    Just an opinion is a sea of thoughts.
  • All humans deserve equal rights!!! Pass the word. Do you enjoy watching two women having sex together.
  • Ohhhhh dear............touched a nerve have we??? Ok you lot who mentioned equal rights? Who mentioned preferences for lesbains? As I recall, the original gripe was having to troll through a myriad of posts regarding homosexuality to read about information on Medeira itself. Take that chip out of your shoulder you lot, get on with living. You'll enjoy the experience. What started as a forum on info on Medeira, has turned out to be a contact forum for homosexuals. If thats what you want, start a seperate homosexual forum, let the rest of us get on with reading about Medeira... gheeeese who rattled his/her cage. Regards, S.
  • No this part of the forum is social therefore people wanting to meet people... and just incase you haven't nocticed there's been some stright guys anoyncing looking for sex... so just as I find it anoying reading some pervs add you can look through a homo add, want info about madeira only go into the general section or something. Yes hit a nerve I don't like people discriminating others, be it from color of their skin to anything else.
  • I just found out from reading older posts that Sheara is a female of only 18 years of age. I thought it was a much older person from there ability to right English so well.You know at that age they think they can change the world with a blink of an eye. Boy...does she have alot to learn. And you right she does have a chip on her shoulders and seemes to be a very angery young girl.
  • 19 for you information. And I just don't like people that are racist to others cause I find that ussualy the people that are discriminative aren't very good themselvs and tend to be ignorant. I pitty them in a way. By the way age isn't always a judgement factor, therefore think before you associate something to age as I know a few people older then 20 that act younger then some 16 year olds I know, it's a question of mentallity over your birth years. I simply find that some homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and straight people I know can be equally idiots or equally good people, that goes for other aspects of what they believe in, therefore I don't like to judge people by those aspects, I myself have been judged by people that didn't know me a lot of times. I say do to others what you'd like done to you and I like to know someone before judging them, or at least giving them the benefit of the doubt, there's enought Hitlers in the world. I'm not an angry person by the way, yes I have a lot of things I'm not happy with but that's what happens when you judge people you don't know just because you don't agree with them. I know sometimes I judge to, I'm no saint, but I try my best to keep an open mind. Don't know if it's something you'd understand, your "dogmas" might be to strong for you to try to see my point of view without twisting it or pointing fingers....
  • WOW,not only is that chip getting bigger. But, your also a bitch. No wonder you don't have any friends.
  • Tony 845

    shouldn't you be picking on someone of your own age?
  • Hi anabelle62,

    Cute...But whose doing picking.
  • This forum is sure going under. It's a pitty. But if you want to generelise and point fingers, and judge... When in rome be romam... I have just one expression for you used for men that act like you "MEN" in a condescending way
  • You’re a hypocrite. The one who is doing the finger pointing and judging is you. I have noticed that in the past two months the number of people who post have dropped quite a bit, and all because of you. The minute someone post you attack. Do us all a favor and just stop being so opinionated and judgement no one really gives a rats ass about your opinions. All people want to do is find out about the Island and have good time. But you have this knack of leaving a bad taste in people mouth the minute you start righting. I just hope that people still feel convertible enough to keep asking question about the Island.
  • I'm guessing it would be more beause of someone being so offensive as you, I didn't see you helping about the basket rides, http://www.madeira-island.com/interactive/forums/read.php?3,17192,17192#msg-17192 I gave information and a video link to it. I said that there had been some accidents as roads aren't closed for it, I for one would like to know this if I had to go on one, and a video of people having fun on it, if I was to be so pointing fingers I'd concentrate only on accidents had with it and not post the video of people having fun riding it. I had a post up of a site that as some good info on Madeira and neat videos, if I was trying to be mean I wouldn't have posted it http://www.madeira-island.com/interactive/forums/read.php?1,17341,17341#msg-17341 I give my opinion, and my opinion is that this is a great place for holidays but not so much to live in. But everyone has their tastes, it's like a car some people like Renaults and say it's a good car some people don't like it and say its a bad car... Or are you one of those people that think that if they don't agree with you that they should shut up? Salazar's time is over my friend, I have the right to freedom of speech. But guess you wouldn't understand, I can tell you'r to proud and that you'd preffer call names and bee horrible and condescending then let others to their opinion... But ok the worl is full of bad and good people see what foot the shoe fits on. Oh, and I said I'm not perfect as I stated above "I know sometimes I judge to, I'm no saint, but I try my best to keep an open mind." but at least I'm willing to admit it and try to correct it. But I really don't find it's worth wasting my time trying to write back, and don't want to push this into a more agressive post, so I'll try my best to resist temptation and back of, cause it's like trying to explain to someone that can't smeell what something smells like by comparing it to another smell. Anyhows hope all goes well with you. I'd give you advise but doubt it's worth it so... Bye bye.
  • I wish I could say it’s been fun conversing with you. I’ve had lemons that tasted sweater.

    Here is some advice: I realize you like to post which is good, just stick to the topic which in this section is “Social Gay, Straight or Whatever life in Madeira” you could talk about gay or Straight events that are happening in the Island. No one really cares about you personal life or problem. That is call “airing out your dirty laundry” keep it to your self. And as for as “Just an opinion in a sea of thoughts...” there is no sea of thought if you’re the only one posting an opinion. If you want other to post be nice and helpful. No one likes an opinionated person. Opinionated people are very lonely. No need to respond.
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