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Hi,is there anyone out there in Madeira land who can help.

A friend of mine is celebrating a birthday this weekend, and I would like to find a nice restaurant in Funchal to help with the celebrating. I’m not looking for tourists place, (I don’t know if I have a choice) but more of where the locals would go.

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  • Thinking of your friend here's my input...
    In marina shopping go to where the sweets used to be, it's on the 2nd floor up the stairs in the back, it's in front of a belt thing I think and next to a souvenir shop. It belongs to the pizza place but it's a bit more secluded there, nice ambient, a bit small. I'd always have a big "picado" it's diced meat with chips and mushroom sause and two fanta oranges and ask for the "molho da casa" it's cocktail sauce you know sort of like ketchup and maionaise mixed... it would go perfectly on it, especially when mixed into the sause. ... it would always cost me about 12.50 and I used to go there a lot they even gave me a "poncha" on the house for me and a friend when I said it was my birthday.
  • Nice in shopping center...nice cheap place for dining at lunchtime, but for a the old town there is also places wher locals go, one day i was there and there was a mother of madeiran legendary footballplayer Christiano Ronaldo and other locals too. I you have same problem some other day go and look inside the palces and awoid tourist places...those palces that have to have somebody at the door tempting people to came in are for tourists and others are for locals.
    And then some kilometers away from Funchal are great places with great wievs to the sea and Funchal town...ask taxidrivers they know good places and ask that kind of places where they will go if their friends will have a birthday...this is too late for you but I saw this just today....
  • deus me valha!
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