Plumber and electrician required

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I have nearly completed a small apartment and have installed all the electrics via ring mains and mounted the gas boiler into position and ran all the water pipes to it. ( by proffesion I am a builder )

I now need a reliable and qualified electrician just to make the final connection and to check safety

and the plumber to connect the gas pipe and install the flue and check safety also ( immissions and carbon monoxide etc)

I did ask locally at the time but I was quoted some absolute horrendous prices for just a few hours work, ( three in my estimation ) and I was quoted 16hrs and 320 euro just for the boiler with me buying all the fittings which I thought was taking advantage . I could undertake the work myself, but I do consider safety a priority, especially where gas and electricity is concerned, hence the enquiry, but being in the industry I know what is involved and what anticipated costs are likely to be and this well exceeds UK costs, so something is wrong somewhere.

Any suggestions please who I can contact who offers a fair and realistic service ? I am back on the island In January 07 and nr Ponta de sol


  • Hi there,sorry cant help you with the electrician but do you work as a builder in Madeira?
    Iam needing some building work doing myself.
    Regards Matt
  • I really need to finish my project first....what does your enquiry involve?
    Kind regards
  • Why don't you check the adverts in the Madeira Times at you should be able to find both plumber and an electrician.
  • Thanks Elaine will do that,Regards Matt

    Hi Quovadistamworth,i have a house with a semi flat roof.The roof has a tiled apex which is 8ft long by 4ft wide i need this apex removing and filled in with concrete.Also 3 medium sized windows need to be put in.
    Thanks, Matt!
  • Hi there

    For an English elctrician, call Colin on 917900339
  • Colin will give you a call in January 07 Is this ok? When I am back on the island

    regards Paul
  • Hi Paul

    Yes, thats fine I have relayed the message to him. By the way he lives in Ponta do Sol, so he's local to you :-)

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