Portuguese Consulate in London, England



  • portuguese consulate is full of something, and is not honey!
  • okay
    sadly i have to agree with you on this one
  • Having lived in London and also in California, without a doubt, the best and easiest Portuguese Consulate in the World is in the lovely city of San Francisco, California.

    It's located in a nice residential area. No queques what so ever. I mean ever! You stroll into the small office and have all and any business done while you wait. You show up when you want during business hours....I've handled all types of business there for years. It's by far the best place to take care of personal portuguese business.

    I would suggest buying a plane ticket, visit the city, and take care of business there versus quequing up in line at 6:00am in freezing cold London.

    But since its not fessible to do this for everyone.....hang in there in the queque.

    Happily living in California (though Madeira is a close second)
  • Hello sir,I am living in London with my family.I have Portuguese nationality.i want to register my marriage for applying nationality of my wife and children.please tell me what document I nead for marriage revision.thanks
  • presciso da certidťo de nascimento ou nao e para os meus filhos devem estar presentes . se alguem me puder informar eu agradecia
  • i have birth registered from india for portugues passport if so can i take BI appoitment in london then please let me know the website and requirements of documents
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