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does anyone know anything about the casino in fuchal, esp the entertainment side of it.
I have a job that starts very soon but was told today that a friend of mine worked for the casino and said that it was a brothel! slightly concerned now!
Any info appreciated!


  • My parents go to the Casino every now and then, I've been there once, and I did not see any signs of a brothel. Just some people a bit upset by loosing their money and others happy at winning, plus those tottaly concentrated on their games. Not much other then that, I found it a bit boaring.
  • I used the casino from 1986 to a couple of years ago and beleive me your fears are totally without foundation.It sounds like sour grapes from someone that didnt do very well there. Good Luck
  • Thank you so much for the replies....i think that the whole sour grape comment is totally true!
    Ok i feel like i can now actually look forward to it!
    Thanks again!
  • I completely agree with Don :)

    As far as your job in a casino gambling business is concerned, I dont feel you will face any issues.
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    In case you feel like they are opertating illegal Casino Gambling Business then you can obvisouly leave the job anytime.
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