More of a hobby then a job. Can make some extra pocket money.

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I had joined a forum that pais it's members to post quality posts and replies there.
At first I was very hesitant but I joined since it didn't cost a thing.
Well about a month later I got 11.23$ for about 150 posts aproxemetly.
it's isn't a get rich fast thing as you work for what you earn and earnings are low, but it's good for people that like posting in forums though you need fluent or at least basic English.

Good Luck

I can give some more information, all you have to do is ask!

*Good English.
*Paypal account.
*Some spare time.
*Good quality discussions when replying or posting!

What is it?
*You are paid to post on a forum!

*Slow, your earnings are made after being e.valuated by the site
moderators, you get more for quality pots, and you can get 1cent or
more for relevant pictures added to your discussion.

*Rate others, there's a + and - to rate positive or negative.
*Report, there's a ! nest to the + - to report any abuse or so on from the user.
*See new discussions, discussions with 0 posts.
*See recent discussions, discussions recently posted in.
*Add friends to your list (able to choose if you want to get an e-mail
notifying you they posted a new discussion).
*Get notified when someone replies to a discussion you made.
*Your own profile.
*You can give someone in your discussion a "best answer" mark.

Needs improving:
*When you reply to a discussion someone else created you have to
search in the discussions I've answered to to see if they replied to
your reply.
*No function to add a favorite discussion.
*Profile is limited.
*Takes a wile to earn and earnings aren't stipulated as you earn from
your quality not number of posts though it helps.

Tips and info:
*When creating or replying to a discussion make it a quality post, try
to avoid posting posts with less then 4 lines and one liners earn very
*Create discussions you find interesting and you think people will respond to.
*When you post the number of posts shows next to your nickname.
*After 100 posts a star shows up, that is your rating it goes from 1
to 10, people will rate your discussions and replies using the + or -
and that will be the balance of their votes.
*Rate people properly don't target people.
*After a discussion wait a wile after at least 24 ours give the person
with the best response the "best response" qualification!


  • Hi Sheara,

    Thank you for this very valuable information.
    I just created my own account.

    (madeira-forum dot net)
  • Yeah noticed you there today ;) thanks... You're on my friends list and I activated you on friend notification so whenever you post a new discussion I'll be told and if I'm interested I'll reply. If people reply to your discussions you make it supposedly helps your earnings but you aren't obligated to create any.

    Good luck there, I know earnings are low and slow but I hope you enjoy it as much as I am...

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