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We caught someone on our web cam entering our the gardens of our house ...I have tried sending emails to the main police web site but I do not get a reply and we are in the uk ..........any suggestions how to get the police to respond please We already logged a report with Ponta de sol police and they have all the details to hand as we experienced damage to the property with obsenities written on the wall and fruit thrown at the front of our lovely house . We would like to stop this. The web cam caught four pictures of the person climbing over the walls but as much as I try . No one replies ??? ny suggestions or email address of Ponta de sol police direct ? You can email me direct at Quovadistamworth@aol.com if you can help

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  • Hi I live in madalena do mar if you want me to go have a lookgive me a call 917802107 or 291973205 I hope I can be of help cheers ALAN
  • Hi, thank you for your help ..sorry for the long delay in replying . We did manage to speak with the police and I managed to get an email address from them to send the photos the security camera had caught . They have confirmed that the house is ok and they have spoken with the culprits and the parents . I just hope this now stops the events . I just cannot belive this happening in Madeira Im shocked !!!
  • hi, great your house is O.K. at least it was only kids.hope all is fine ALAN F
  • All types of cleaning , looking after the garden ,etc. in the calheta aréa contact .fernandaluissilva@hotmail.com
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