Madeira information, climate, legal process of buying a house... Feel free to ask

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Hi all,

I live and work in the UK, but I am portuguese and have lived in Madeira for several years.

I know the island very well and also have a good knowledge of property laws, purchase process, good typical restaurants, sports you can do...

If you need any advice please feel free to get in touch.


  • Hi Paula

    Thanks, hope you can give me some advice. I am going to Maderia to live from November 2007 for 6 months initially, to see if I like living on the island, I know living somewhere and holidaying are two very different experiences.

    My question is have you heard of "The Caring Company" Madeira Home Rentals. The www address is

    I need to know if this is a good company or one that someone might have problems with. I am looking at the possibility of renting an apartment through them in Rue Pena (near the market I understand...hopefully not too near the fish market!!!) In England proper rental agenices have to be registered is it the same there? I don't want to find I pay the money and at the end there is no apartment to rent. My main concern is the paying of the deposit that the director of the company suggested it be paid into her English bank acccount, over here we would think that very strange, as we would pay to the company's bank account not to an individaul

    Any help/advice you can give would be much appreciated Can you recommend any companies for renting a property? I only wish to rent for 6 months.

  • Hello Sarah

    I have read your various posts asking about the feelings on The Caring Company. I came across this one and whilst I understand that you may be a little wary about companies and moving to a new country and want to be doubly sure before you commit your self, I would strongly urge you to meet the lady who owns the company and then you can get a 'feeling' of whether you want to proceed with her company. Her name is Margot and is a very pleasant lady and is also English having brought her talents over to Madeira with the intent of serving her clients in the best and 'British' way she knows how. Her company is legitamate and I am sure that she would NEVER ask you to send monies other than to where it is supposed to be intended for!

    If you are looking for a rental property and are uncertain about the paperwork then get your lawyer to look over the particulars, after all, any decent company operating on the island would have no problem with that as I am sure should you contract The caring Company they wouldn't either.

    Good Luck with your move to Madeira.
  • Hello Paula

    Thank you for your advice. Do you know of any real estate companies on the island that do property rentals? Any email addresses or just the names of the companies would be great?


  • ESPACO hunting
  • Hi Paula

    I wonder if you can help with legal advice. My father owns a 3 bedroomed apartment in Madeira. He leased out 2 rooms and stays in the 3rd. He does not have any documents relating to this lease. He would like to evict the tenant that leases one of the rooms. She has not yet paid rent this month. She pays late every month. She has now asked for a reduction in the rent because she says she cannot afford the rent. She will not allow plumbers into her bathroom to fix a leak problem which is damaging the apartment below. The police advise us to get legal representation but we do not have the funds to go to one. We would actually like to get all the tenants out and to sell the apartment as he is in dire financial problems. What do we do?
  • Hi Paua,

    Recently my 2 sisters and I were unexpectedly made aware of the fact that my father, a native of Madeira who passed away 3 years ago at the age of 91, had owned a house and land there. All we know is that his name is still on the deed and that for a very long time he allowed an old friend who recently passed on to live there. Would you know of a good starting point from which we could find the address or have any other advice for us.

    Many Thanks

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