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My wife would like to know does anyone have a problem with hair loss here and a remedy.seems to be a problem since moving over here


  • I don,t think that there is a problem over here,the water is good,food ok,no pollution,maybe the problem could be genetic or some kind of stress,I hope that your wife will get better soon,maybe a search on google will find an answer
  • hello Ron,well i think the only stress she has is me!!
  • Hello Green Dragon

    Tell your wife to get her hormone levels checked out. I had this problem in the past and was due to hormone inbalance.
  • Could also be weather adaptation, I'm no expert but maybe the different weather is causing it. The best thing would be to consult a specialist just encase, when it comes to health you can never be to sure.
    If you changed shampoos also it might be the cause as it might not be the right one for your hair
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