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Hello everyone...
An unusual request for help....
My family and I have just returned from a wonderful week in Madeira; whilst there I went to see SC Maritimo play on Monday night (05/11).
Now for my request....
I tried to buy a Maritimo football scarf before and after the match without success, and given we flew home to Ireland on Tuesday (06/11) I was not able to get one.
Why is this important? I try to get to see as many games as possible in countries I visit on business or vacation and I also try to buy a scarf for my young son as a memento (they look great hanging in his bedroom!!) I was dissapointed to miss out on one from Madeira.
I've searched online to no avail so if anyone would be willing to purchase one locally on my behalf and send it to me here in Ireland I would be delighted; I will of course pay all associated purchase and shipping costs.
If you are able to help I would very much appreciate it.....
Let me know...I can be reached at

Many thanks in advance



  • i am going into FUNCHAL on Saturday ,will look in their club shop,off hand i cant be sure that i've ever seen a scarf there.were they any good on monday night,they seem to be going ok so far this season.watched them a few years ago,they were awful!
  • Thx for your responses....

    Hi figgy...yeah I checked their online shop too...

    Green dragon - Maritimo were awful again on Monday although in truth Guimaraes were no better...that said it was a great experience to see a game in Madeira and there was excitement with the captain and coach being sent off!!!!
    The stadium was really neat and what a backdrop!!!!!

    Hold off buying a scarf, another poster emailed me and he is trying to get a scarf too...if this source does not work I may come back and ask you again.

    Thanks again and I'm not really envious of you all living in Madeira..... :-)

  • Too bad you just didn't look around the clothing or sporting shops in Funchal.
    You would have definately found one you liked.

    Even as a last resort. The Airport carries jerseys and stuff on the departure floor.

    Maritimo's website doesn't help.

    Try this site.

  • Hi Dan
    Actually the store in the airport only sold FC Porto, Sporting and Benfica stuff...and a few Man U shirts with Ronaldo's name.....
    Unsurprising given he's one of Madeira's famous son's!!!
    You are right I had seen several shops selling them earlier in the week but as I said in my original post I only buy the scarf once I've seen a match and it was a spur of the moment thing....I couldn't get a scarf at the ground the night of the match and I flew home early the next morning.....
    Anyhow your link came up trumps...I've ordered one from the site link you gave so we'll see.
    Thanks a million and regards

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