cockroaches & black things

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Are cockroaches common here? I had one in the kitchen tonight, scared the life out of me, first time I had seen one! Is there anything that attacts them? I don't want to attract them, I just don't want to experience them again if at all possible. What is the best way of getting rid of them? This one I got rid off by drowning it. Thanks

The other thing I noticed slivered along the bedroom floor was something small and black, but that moved quite fast...some kind of insect/bug? I really don't wish to share the bedroom with non-invited things!


  • in 4 years we have only had one cockroach in the house. I sometimes see them out in town. Drowning seems a bit longwinded. You can buy cockroach killer in Modelo & other places. In Modelo its in a red can with the flysprays.

    I don't know what the black thing is though?
  • We were staying on Madeira last year and we saw a lot of cockroaches.. Not living inside with us but coming running trying to get in when ever the door was open in the autumn evenings, mostly we were observant and fast enough but other times it was just to hunt them down, hitting them with a shoe.. But we noticed that when it got colder we saw less of them and they got slower! so good luck
  • QuillingLady

    Cockroaches are pretty commom especially on the warm parts of the island.
    My Grandparents had tons of them on their property in Machico but everywhere you go you can find them.

    Most people get used to them on the outside of the home.

    If you are in an Apartment, you will be less likely to see them versus a detached home with lots of land around.

    Most stuff at the stores are temporary. If your in an apartment, use Raid or whatever you can get at the local store.

    If you are in a detached house, you need to get an exterminator to come out on a regular basis to keep the problem under control.
  • It didn't look like this one I hope
    picture from todays Diário
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