Thinking of moving from USA

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I am thinking of moving to Funchal in the next 3 yrs and was wondering how the job market is in Madiera???



  • The job market for non.portugese speaking people is poor to say the least. If you plan to live in Madeira you will need to be able to finance yourself as there is no social payment available, so no job, no money!! There are usually jobs in the timeshare industry, but little else. The few jobs there are are taken by the portugese people, but rarely are there jobs for others. Also if you come from a non Eu country you can only stay for the duration of a holiday unless you have work, after which I believe you have to apply for residency, you should be able to get more information from your embassy.
  • Flowergirl56 is right!!!

    You better speak the language fluently or have some family connection to the island. Maderians pretty much will hire their own first.

    Unless you have a college degree or have a very special skill, you are going to face an uphill battle.

    There have been hundreds of posts regarding foriegners wanting to move to Madeira because it appears to be paradise. It is only if you have money and can support yourself!!!

    There is a reason why thousands of young people leave the island in search of a better life. Because employment opportunities are few. It's not to discourage anyone wanting to do this but its a well know fact.

    You are better off starting your own business in around Funchal and even getting that going takes capital and a lot of persistance (The portuguese authorities make it difficult).

    Other than, you can try to connect with ex-pats who own business who may consider you.

    Locals are also more willing to work for less.

    Go there on Holiday but your better off staying in the USA...or UK....or wherever else.

    If your heart is set on it, Good Luck!!
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