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Hi, can anyone help/advise. Today when I approached a shop in the Lido area to see if they would be willing to take any of my cards on a sale/return basis, the owner was not, simply because she wanted a much higher percentage of the price of the cards then I could give. I know about the art and crafts place opposite the English Church and have some cards there. The lady who runs this mentioned about an arts and craft stall that takes places once a month in the square near the Tourist Information in Funchal, she did not know much information but said the tourist office would know. I went into the Tourist Information office in the Lido today, but the assistant did not know what I was talking about. Can anyone shed any light on this for me. Thanks


  • never seen craft stall in funchal. There is a car boot at the end of each month near Santa de Serra golf, proceeds go to the orphanage.not aware of anywhere else
  • Hi,

    maybe at the Avenida Arriaga Tourist Office
    Avenida Arriaga, 16 you have more success.

    Regards - Anton
  • You may want to sell on eBay.
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    Try it.
  • No, i don't wish to sell on ebay!
  • hello the only craft fair i know of is not in Funchal,
    there is one in CANICO once a month
    1/2 hour on a bus from Funchal
  • Hi, the one in Canico do you know is it a large craft fair? Whereabouts is it held there? Thanks
  • hi,its held in the town square and is only 12-15 stalls.
    not sure which Saturday.
    or there is the car boot sale ,last sunday in every month ,up above Santa Cruz i think it is
  • I understand that you do not fancy ebay however incase you change your mind re the internet:

    The New York-based internet retailer says it is "your place to buy and sell all things handmade". Where Amazon revolutionised online commerce and eBay made its name allowing people to sell off their unwanted possessions, Etsy hopes to tap into the trend for hand-crafted and personalised items.

    With thousands of craftspeople selling everything from clothes and ceramics to jewellery, the site has quickly become an Aladdin's Cave of the internet.

    Its innovative sales approach - such as letting shoppers browse by colour, or allowing geographical searches to support local suppliers - has drawn a legion of followers. Etsy now has more than half a million registered users and 60,000 sellers.

    Founded by 27-year-old Robert Kalin from Boston, the site was launched in 2005 and now has more than 40 staff in New York and San Francisco.

    Some critics find it a contradiction - a mass market dedicated to niche products - but Kalin says: "Etsy is a distribution platform for any kind of content that isn't mass produced ... not just craft-based, it might include music."
  • Does anyone know when/where this is?

  • My friend took part in it, it was usually the first Saturday of every month but she stopped going she'd pay 8€ to be there and maybe only sell 5€ worth, and lately they overcrowd it with sailors and sometimes you sell nothing at all.... But you might get lucky not sure. Try going on the 1st Saturday of the moth, it's near the Pizza Hut in funchal, behind the big castle near the municipal garden, there's a fountain behind the castle that's where they do it, around the fountain, the owner of the organization is always there so all you have to do is ask, but his a guy that usually has his stand on the one entrance if you come from Pizza Hut road, they start from about 9am till about 6pm sometimes people leave earlier when they get fed up of doing no business
  • The place I believe you are looking for is run by Cilla, the Arts and Crafts shop which is on Rua Cabra da Costas, right opposite the entrance to the English church. I am now certain exactly when they are open but I am sure someone will be there Friday until 4 and saturday morning
    Hope this helps
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