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We have been living near to Forum Madeira since the middle of December and love it here but need to improve our social life and are finding it hard to meet like-minded people. We like walking, swimming, reading, eating out, cooking and entertaining but are very open-minded to following new pursuits. As we don't have our own transport yet, we are reliant on public transport so it would be great if we could meet people in this area.

We are in our mid-50s and semi-retired. My husband was a production engineer in the electronics industry and most of my career was spent in a sales/marketing environment both holding management positions. My last full-time job was as a professional fundraising manager for Macmillan Cancer Relief and I would love to be able to use these skills again in a voluntary capacity.

If there is not a group meeting in the Forum area, I would be very willing to instigate one.


  • Hi HRM,

    we could do with the fund raising skills to raise funds to help the homeless and sick animals on the island. If you are interested I can put you in touch with somebody.

  • as there seems to be little in the way of social events, I have made an offer to assist in publicising anything anyone fancies organising - see this link for details

  • Der

    Wouldn't you like to orangise some social events?

  • thanks for the offer, but no thanks Sarah I have a full time occupation, how about you?

  • I would be happy to organise something but it would be useful to know what people might be interested in. What about as a starter just meeting for a coffee somewhere?
  • Hi Der

    Yes I would be happy to organise something...what kind of events have been organised in the past or nothing as far as you are aware?

  • AFPOP did a treasure hunt once that I remember as a nice way to get to know people and learn something about Funchal at the same time.
  • AFPOP used to run social events,and alternate between Funchal and west island (well that was the theory). They started off as information meetings, but later became meals out, usually with a few beers involved. Another AFPOP rep organised a book reading get together, and I think one or two excursions. Also a couple of xmas bashes with accommodation. I didn't go so often, so I am probably not the best person to comment.

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