Can anyone recommend a good Portuguese book for verbs?

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H, I am trying to learn the language, but can anyone recommend a good Portuguese book (name plus author would be helpful) that lists the verbs and the breakdown of them.



  • I use 2 books:

    1. 501 Portuguese Verbs ISBN 0-8120-9034-9 by Nitti & Ferreira (the full monty ... with all 107 tenses for each verb)


    2. Harrap's Study Aid - Portuguese Verbs - ISBN 0-245-60737-4 (pocket size book, which misses out most the compound tenses and contains just over 200 verbs)

    The second one is probably adequate and is cheaper

    hope that helps

  • I have a very thorough book (some 600 pages I think) which was originally based on a Spanish grammar book. I've moved home recently and it is has been one of the casualties. If I ever find it again I'll send you the ISBN etc.
    In the meantime what I always use is
    You just type in the verb you're interested in and it gives you all the tenses (certainly more tenses than I know how to use).
  • I've found the book it's "An Essential Course in Modern Portuguese" by R. C. Willis, published by Nelson/Harrap ISBN 0 245-53300-1.
    If you learn this book cover to cover you'll be fluent.
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