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Hi, can any one advise me. I am here on a career break so are not working. I have an E111 card, also gap year insurance (which seems to cover me more for an emergency). I am having some problems with my asthma, its not serious, its just I don't feel my inhalers are working properly (there is plenty of medicaton in the inhalers) and I keep feeling very tight in my chest. Do I just take myself off to the local medical centre/hospital or what is the procedure.



  • There is a very good clinic on the top floor of Monumental Lido, if you are not a resident here, You will have to pay a fee, usually about 50 euros but they do speak very good english and will explain procedure to you. There is also a very good English speaking GP called Dr Zino who has a practise on the hill down opposite the Casino.
    If you have your residency you can register for free at the surgery, if you live in Lido area the surgery is near Cabo TV.
  • Hi Flowergirl thanks for the information.
  • Or you can just go to the farmacia and they will advise you. You should be able to buy most medicines over the counter here.
  • PS the E111 is no longer valid since 2006, you need EHIC to replace it
  • Hi, thanks to you, it is the EHIC I have, still had to pay Euro 50 for dr and 45 euro for medication!
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