Madeira house purchase.

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Hello, I am looking into a permanent move to Madeira.
I was hoping for recommendations for lawyers to assist with property purchase.


  • The British Consulate holds a list of English speaking lawyers, though they are not recommendations. Contact details here:

  • Hi Wilson,
    Where are you looking?
  • I am particularly interested in thr Calheta area
  • From: Hi This is the name and email of the lady lawyer we used two years ago to buy our appartment in madalena do mar. She is based in funchal next to the cathedral.Her english is very good, she explained everything and was always helpful.I hope this helps.If you need any more info private message your phone number and I can give you a call. Cheers Alan F ...................................................................................... Rosária Sardinha (
  • she is not anymore on the list of Funchal lawyers

    could not find her
  • Yes, she is also recommended here! Rosária Sardinha has been one of the best we have worked with ourselves. But the government liked her so much they made her the Secretary of Youth (a type of regional "minister" if you will) - so now she has become a little less accessible. But if you can get her go for it. She was responsible for a lot of property related issues with the government and has one of the best relationships with the Municipality of Calheta (she represented the municipality in some tough real estate issues).

    You can contact her office (english spoken) at these numbers: 291280450 and 291421165

    There is another email address too:
  • this is a helluva long shot ,but are you fom UK Limbo?
  • No, originally from South Africa. Why?
  • sorry ,very long shot ,same name as someone i knew in UK
  • But if Rosaria is now a minister, will she still be able to assist with property issues?
  • I can recommend an excellent lady Advocat who speaks impeccable English we have been using her for several years her name is Dr. Rosaria Sardinha - her telephone number is (00351) 966 589 907 - you may say Sue & Jacques Marloye recommended her.
  • Yes! She can and still does. For the most part she does it after her government office hours. However, her firm (RG Advogados) has two or three more attorneys that work full time at her offices in Funchal and Ribeira Brava. However, it is she that speaks English best.
  • Don't you just hate when they are called "DR"? I do. Lawyer or solicitor would be enough!
  • Hi,

    We used Carla Correia. Her English was good, she helped us tremendously with what turned out to be a complex transaction (due to a bank mortgage being in place that should not have been). She spotted the erroneous mortgage and got bank to sort out before we would complete (and believe me - this was complex - I personally met with bank manager on island to understand the problem). She is based in Funchal. Email me if you are still looking and I will dig out details.

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