Mandatory issues when building new house

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OK ... it seems (no .... its a fact) that here on Madeira there are a few mandatory requirements that needs to be present when building a new house on the island.

- One of them is that in each bathroom there must be a bidet present;
- Also in each room (that is closed with a door) there must be both a telephone and TV connection present.

My question is: are there more of these requirements when building a house? Is there somewhere a (simple) list available? Or someone has a copy online?

My other question: why? Why in each bathroom a bidet (which sometimes it takes some room and is not always used).
And why in each room (even the kitchen) must there be a phone a TV connection. OK the phone connection I could live with that .... but a TV connection?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Don Amaro


  • Hello Don,

    I don't know where you are getting this info but it is incorrect. We are in the process of building and are not subject to the requirements you mention.

    Where ever you build, Madeira or elsewhere, there is a building code that must be followed with lengthy requirements.

    The building code for Calheta is available on line on the Calheta web site. However, even if you understand all the Portuguese there are different ways of interpreting it.

    It does give you an idea however of some of the things that are required.

    If you would like more specifics, please let me know.

  • Hi Ellen,
    Thank you for your feedback. I have checked the CM site of Calheta and I could only find the 'Regulamento Municipal de Urbanização e Edificação'. It does not say much about specifics or detailed building codes.

    Now for example the phone and TV connections ... this is something that came up (few months ago) to a family that has build a new home on Madeira and when the CM came to check for the permit ... the issue of not having a phone and TV connection in just one guest room was the reason for not getting the permit.

    So I am wondering if this are the requirements of the CM ... where can we get a complete list of these mandatory building issues?

    Another thing (I have heard) is that this year new buildings will need to have solar panels installed also for water heating. It was on the news ... but I do not know how far it is mandatory (or not).

    Ellen, if you could (and have the time to) send me more specifics ... I would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance and if somebody else has more feedback .. pls do not hesitate.

    Greetz, Don Amaro
  • You are correct about the solar panels. All planning applications submitted after 1st January this year have to have plans to heat water through using solar panels. Seems an entirely reasonable idea, given the amount of sun we have here!

    Te bidet is not mandatory, by the way, though lots of things are these days!
  • Hi Don,

    I'm sorry to bring this up, but unless you know this family with the TV/phone connection problem personally and have seen their house, I would not believe everything you hear. There are a lot of stories circulating and in cases were we directly know some of the people involved, it can be quite startling when we hear how stories get exaggerated.

    The regulations do only give the broad sweep - like area, height etc. To get the specifics you would need to talk with a designer/architect who is experienced here. Even then there are diff interpretations, and an Architect/designer from Funchal may count area differently than an architect/designer from Calheta and then be confused why his design runs into problems with the CM.

    The issue of electrical outlets etc are not decided until after your floor plan is approved and then the electric, plumbing, steel/concrete, gas etc. specification are worked out by an engineer.

    BTW, when you are thinking of building prices, be aware that IVA is on top of the prices bandied about, and then there is the tax for registering the house once it is completed.

    Anything else, please do ask.

  • Hi Ellen,

    No need to say sorry ... because at first I could not believe it either ... but I know the family ... and their house. And it did happened.

    It has to do with the regulations of ITED (Infra-estruturas de Telecomunicações em Edifícios) which are required in order to get a living permit. Somewhere it is stated that each autonomous fraction there should be installed (at least) 2 net of cables: 1 copper pair and 1 coax cable.

    Everything was already worked out (by architect) and approved by CM at the start of building. It seems that even the electricians did not knew about the specifics of the ITED regulations. And now by only have one (small) room without these connections .... is not accepted by the inspectors.

    I would prefer to believe that these are just a fairy-tale ... but in this case it is (unfortunately) not the case.

    I did get an link to the site of where more info of the ITED can be found .... but if anyone else can confirm the above or has more info ... pls let us know (going into Portuguese sites like the Anacom can be very strenuous).

    Also Andrew ... thank you also for your input.

    Greetz, Don Amaro
  • Hi Don,

    I've checked our plans and we do seem to have connections in every bedroom. Makes a bit more sense if you figure TV connection or phone connection can also be interpreted as computer connection - in theory anyway depending on the location of the build.

    Are you building,drawing up plans or thinking about it?

    If you want some information, let me know what stage you are at and I will try to be helpful.

  • Thank you Ellen for your kind offer.

    At the moment we are not in the stage to build or planning to build anything. However we are trying to keep as much as possible informed on these kind of things ... in case we decide to build a house. Also I often get questions from others who are thinking in building on Madeira.

    It would be an idea if someone could maintain all this (property development) information in one place (on the web) for those who are planning to come to Madeira.

    Greetz, Don Amaro
  • Perhaps Der at may be interested in posting some of the info that you have gathered on his information website, it would be easy then to access it for anyone else who is interested
  • happy to host a page on the subject, but there is not really enough here to start a new page, and some of the information seems a little uncertain. If someone who has gone through this process and knows the facts, pitfalls, etc, I will be happy to put a page on the subject on the website.

  • Hi, we bought our house in 2003 so obviously not a new build, but we are now interested in having solar panel or panels and tank installed. Does anybody know anything abought how this works, ie: how would it bypass our existing water tank and gas boiler? Or can anybody recommend an installer that speaks fairly good English and could explain this to us?

    Thanks in advance, Elaine
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