Lugar de Baixo Marina/Beach

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Does anyone know if or when the work will start on the new marina complex and when it is likely to be completed. The notice board and architect's drawing looks very interesting.


  • Hi,

    the marina was opened already . . .

    but the sea came back and the rocks fell down.
    So there is no marina anymore.

    Der would call it "Another White Elephant"

    Regards - Anton
  • I know the present marina was destroyed in a storm, but there is a plan to rebuild and improve it, including a sandy beach. There is a large poster with an architects photograph at the entrance to the marina. One of the house builders is also using this photograph as a sales pitch for new houses being built above Tabua. It is this new marina I am interested in.

    Regards Bee
  • Ah! Officially, work is designated. Unofficially, loads of blame being bandied about, and no action. Will it ever be done? Can't see it myself, butn you never know!
  • "Another White Elephant" - exactly Anton!

    They are working to secure the rockface at the moment, but apart from a report in the newspaper a few weeks ago
    about the dreadful state of the place, I have heard nothing positive since

  • I think it will always be a picture in a poster. Literally money thrown into the sea!
    The latest news is that it has been sold to Pestana?! and he's going to do an hotel there. Hope it doesn't get buried.

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